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stoneware solid glazed ceramic mug colored cup The colorant is how classified?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
stoneware solid glazed custom printed ceramic mug colored cup

Package materials can be divided into the mud and used for color glaze for glazed two, is divided into the under glaze color and glaze pigments.

Green mud stain -- will color mixed in blank and forming firing, for any processing blank of each procedure, can not have any reaction.

Glaze colorant -- pigment suspended in the glaze, glaze for processing each process, will not have any reaction.

Glaze colorant -- used for decoration thousand blank, biscuit, or firing of white porcelain, in the application of raw glaze and glaze firing. Therefore, must not be in glaze firing temperature and glaze reaction, at the same time not flow or the pattern of fuzzy.

On glaze pigments -- used for decorative glaze firing after the product, must roast temperature at very low color (700 ~ 900) strongly attached to the glaze, the mixed use and flux. The colorant cannot penetrate into the glaze and flow.

For painting pigment, aims to obtain color uniformity and good chemical stability, but the majority of colorant itself can not meet these requirements, so have to colorless and no influence on the mixing of other substance use hair color. The under glaze liquid pigment is an exception.
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