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easy cleaning ceramic mugs cup How to prepare polished gold

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
easy cleaning ceramic mugs cup

In order to make Jinshui more than the thickness...... More uniform, more durable gold decoration of burnished gold, can be mixed with powdered gold or gold mercury, and add the appropriate flux decorative color roast and get. The first is dark and dull state, so need to grind, or agate grinding and can emit luster, namely the Wei "glazing".

In order to increase the gold hiding power, decomposition oxide morphology are sometimes added in metallic form, the form, or halide, a gold half the weight of mercury. The mercury in the firing process of evaporation. Flux with 5 ~ 10%. Also sometimes with the addition of bismuth nitrate at low flux of borax or high borax fluxing.

Flux by 3 red, 2 borax, 1 quartz, commonly known as gold flux.

Using only gold color red, so in order to make the hair color and bright, sometimes mixed with 25% silver chloride and silver nitrate. The mixture of crushed after two weeks, and then mixed with appropriate oil.

Polish the actual use of gold, because of the picture and the usage of different, sometimes use different formula
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