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How to make golden water for ceramic golden mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
ceramic golden mug

Jinshui is complex and vulcanization balm gold from sulfide ointment and three gold chloride. Dissolved in volatile oils and organic solvents.

For Jinshui needs special techniques, we need the following basic components:

(1) general gold, gold chloride form.

(2) rhodium, gold content is about 1%, sometimes with other metals, such as aluminium, tin, iridium, thorium. In order to prevent the occurrence of crystallization by gold into a non light.

(3) the metal flux generally using bismuth nitrate as the gold fixing to the glazed, but sometimes also used alone lead, antimony, tin, chromium, cadmium and uranium, bismuth salts or mixtures thereof.

(4) sulfur ointment.

In addition to also can use the following substances:

Gold mercury, resin, lavender oil, rosemary oil, nitrobenzene, fennel oil, lavender oil, camphor oil, Huang Zhang oil, clove oil, Syria asphalt, toluene, rosin.

Sulfur ointment is sublimed sulfur and turpentine together made by boiling, the time required to although cooling but not subject to sulfur precipitation. The models for different mixture formulation of turpentine, some products using France and Venice turpentine turpentine. A new preparation method of polished gold:

Solution 1: 10 grams of gold powder dissolved in 100g Wang Shuizhong, diluted with distilled water 150ml. The solution and 100g distillation ether with concussion to complete separation of all gold and water, discharged water solution.

Solution 2: the 20g potassium sulfide dissolved in distilled water 1000ml, then 200g decomposition with nitric acid. Because the sulfur precipitation is needed for washing, drying. The dry sulfur dissolved in the mixed solution of 5g 25g turpentine oil, walnut oil, diluted with 25G Lavender oil.

The mixed solution of L and solution of 2, into a syrupy concentration in the bath on the solution, then add 1.5g of bismuth oxide, 1.5g lead borate. Use this mixture, with the same amount of mixture of lavender oil and turpentine, appropriate dilution.
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