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Disney ceramic mugs cup How to recover the residual gold?

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Disney ceramic mugs cups

The bake gold product or firing result is not ideal products, broken into coin size, in built very strict, at the bottom of the piston stoneware containers. The pen or brush gold liquid rags to burn and the ash concentration, with the same treatment. Heated water to cover the waste, buckle cover about a day time, open the bottom piston release acid. The acid liquid can be used repeatedly to the gold chloride saturated. Continuous washing with distilled water amount of waste, into the water does not contain gold chloride.

Addition of ferrous sulfate salt in the resulting solution, gold and precipitation. Or will the solution is evaporated, and then the obtained chloride containing lead, silver chloride, silica, iron oxide and other residues, in refractory crucible, and sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, potassium nitrate, eutectic, is used to metal.
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