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Energy Jade dinner set How to prevent shrinkage glaze?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Energy Jade custom ceramic dinner set

The glaze layer coiled, caking, out of body phenomenon is usually referred to as the glaze. Lead glaze for two main reasons: one is the dust glaze and glaze of contraction. Some glaze, especially those containing tin oxide glaze, glaze spread if too thick, or the surface of a dirty, will shrink, become larger caking. The remedy is to use a damp sponge wipe the dust on the surface of the billet. Establishment of dust, avoid the dust falling billet. If glazing need appropriate thickening, adding a small amount in the glaze (3%) bentonite. Underglaze painting is easy to produce glaze shrinkage, because the color material under glazed painted similar to the under glaze retained the dust. In view of this situation, can be mixed with a small amount of glaze, or a small amount of Arabia gum under glaze powder.

The second is the main cause of glaze plastic component content is too much, even during drying shrinkage, glaze layer is too serious, resulting in micro crack, the crack glaze. In the firing process, easy to form enamel reactor, a massive, but not uniformly melting cover body. This defect often appears in the burned blank. Therefore, this kind of glaze is generally suitable for use in the green non porous. In order to meet in biscuit firing blanks used in glazes, properly adding some such as calcined clay or clay and calcite and other non plastic raw material. Addition of non plastic raw material quantity equals minus a certain amount of plastic raw materials. In addition, fingers gently friction dry glaze, the glaze smooth, also helps eliminate some cracks in the glaze. On glaze drying has not yet reached the requirements, defects in the heating too quickly is easy to produce reactor glaze.
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