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Energy porcelain ceramic mugs How to prevent the sagging phenomenon

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Energy porcelain ceramic mugs

In firing in liquidity as the glaze liquid is too large, easy to appear the glaze stain, two tone. In order to prevent the defects, glazed tiles were flat burning, such as in the sagger neutral or diagonal, upper glaze layer must be thick, after firing to make the glaze layer of uniform. Liquid crystalline glaze was high, after firing products not only lower the glaze layer is relatively thick, and often the cushion glue. Therefore, should be in between the product and the cushion coated with refractory clay powder, after firing to be part of the ground.

Rhyolitic glaze as wide as a decoration method application. As in the kettle mouth and shoulder, coated with a thick layer of liquidity of colored glaze, reentry kiln firing, the colored glaze flowing naturally patterns. The flow of glaze not for under glaze.

The main reason is the glaze flow:

(1) the glaze layer too thick. According to the glaze mature appearance, viscosity and specific gravity of glaze adjust.

(2) the proportion of poor glaze. In order to reduce liquidity, should reduce the amount of boric acid, increase the amount of quartz. With the basic components of basic component replacement mole mole small number; if possible; can be used to increase the alumina content of kaolin.
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