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black glazed stoneware ceramic mugs cup How to modulate the colors?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
black glazed stoneware ceramic mugs cup

Color modulation is more complex, in practical work, because of changes in the composition of a material, or because of the operation and often brought not a tone, auxiliary agent, diluent is very large, so even if according to the recipe to do, not necessarily the same tone to produce pigment. Therefore, to cite just one example -- the process of cadmium yellow to orange, to explain the basic idea of color adjustment. Colours due to particle size and crystalline change.

The alpha CdS beta CdS yellow, red, at 980 volatile cadmium sulfide.

(1) modulation cadmium yellow

The hydrogen sulfide which occurred in the role of soluble cadmium salt, generate cadmium yellow.

The sodium sulfide and cadmium sulfate was made available to react, cadmium yellow or cadmium orange.

The thinning of sodium or sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaSH) on cadmium carbonate, generation of CdS. This method is suitable for cadmium red.

Light containing carbonate, oxalate, the proportion is 3.9 ~ 4.5, dark accounted for 4.5 ~ 4.8.

Cadmium sulfide proportion for 4.8, melting point 1750, but at 1000 sublimation. Solubility in water for l00g 0.13mg.

Cadmium yellow can be used in various proportions and Cadmium Selenium Red mixed.

Almost all colours, especially iron and chromium, will make the color damage, high lead glaze is similar to this.

This pigment for enamel: 700 ~ 800
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