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Domestic ceramic mug pottery and porcelain of daily use

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Domestic ceramic mug wholesale pottery and porcelain of daily use

(1) with a wide lead glaze firing temperature range. Pb0 and Pb3O4 can reduce the high temperature melt viscosity in the glaze melt, and provide a wide range of mature temperature appropriate, easy firing operation, so that the glaze has softening characteristics is good: therefore, producers often use this kind of glaze.

(2) lead glaze has a lower melting temperature. PbO in the glaze as additive of network organization. Low melt viscosity at high temperature, good fluidity, easy to create the conditions for dry glaze covering the body. Therefore, from ancient times to the present widely used by producers.

(3) lead glaze with low surface tension. It has even spinach suitable dynamic optical brightness and opacity, but also help to overcome the body glaze glaze cracking during drying and other surface defects. Therefore, people called lead glaze can play a "panacea" effect in the blank.

(4) lead glaze has good transparency. Pb0 exists in the glaze can reduce any crystal in the surface crystallization may, especially prevent devitrification phenomenon, so transparent glaze, glaze of lead is preferable.

(5) lead glaze with high refractive index. It is because of the high refractive index of lead glaze, lead glaze glazed finish particularly good.

Because lead glaze has the advantages, as long as the choice of the appropriate formula, to the scientific process, the amount can be controlled in defining requirements following stripping lead glaze of lead, lead poisoning can also limit the ceramic tableware. The general thought: will lead glaze made into frit glaze, and the body take the biscuit firing and glaze firing, these lead glaze in acetic acid solution 4% in the leaching of lead release can be controlled at about 0.5ppm. Therefore, covered with glazed ceramic enterprises are still using lead glaze as tableware.
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