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double color ceramic mugs, color glazed stonware cup mug How to calculate the convection heat transfer?

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double color ceramic mugs, color glazed stonware cup mug

Convective heat transfer is generally used by British scientist Newton in 1701 proposed formula, i.e.:

Q= (TL - T2) on F

Type: Q -- heat transfer by convection, kcal / hour;

TL T2 -- the fluid and heat transfer surface temperature difference, c;

F -- the heat transfer area, 2 meters;

Alpha -- on the convective heat transfer coefficient, kcal / M 2 degree when.

Representation of a physical quantity of fluid convection heat transfer ability to. It represents a fluid in a unit of time, the unit temperature gradient, transfer by convection heat transfer in the unit area of the heat.

Many factors affecting the convective heat transfer coefficient, for example, channel type, the motion of the fluid fluid, size etc.. According to production practice and scientific experiments, that in tunnel kiln of the convective heat transfer coefficient can be expressed as:

Type: Omega standard -- velocity under standard conditions, standard M / s.;

D -- channel diameter, M. If the channel is not round, it should be used to replace the equivalent diameter: D = (4  channel cross-sectional area) / channel perimeter

Calculation of kiln wall surface through the air convection heat loss, heat transfer coefficient should be calculated with the formula:

Alpha on = K (t wall t empty) 0.25

Type in:

T wall -- wall surface temperature, ;

Outside the kiln temperature -- air t air, c;

K -- coefficient, and the radiating surface position. The vertical wall, K=2.2;

The cooling wall, K=2.8; down cooling wall, K=1.4.
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