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license ceramic mugs cup what difference of gas radiation and solid radiation?

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license ceramic mugs cup

The difference between the solid and gas radiation radiation has three main points:

(1) the solid radiation occurs only in the solid surface, has nothing to do with its thickness. The gas radiation is molecular radiation, in the entire volume. That is to say, with the volume of gas thickness, volume concentration and other closely related. In the tunnel kiln, mainly rely on the flue gas radiation heat hot to products. Therefore, when loading the appropriate code, so that the fire channel gap, can accommodate some of the gas molecules with radiation ability, is favorable to strengthen the radiation heat transfer. In addition, the general tunnel kiln burning zone than preheating, cooling the bandwidth. There are two reasons: one is the hot flue gas here flow slowed down, not to have passed, thus heating full on products; two is the firing zone depends mainly on the radiation heat transfer, firing bandwidth, can increase the gas radiation layer thickness, thus, the effect of radiative heat transfer to better.

(2) the solid radiation capacity and solid surface conditions (roughness), and solid material composition is; and radiation ability of gas and gas composition are closely related. Different gas, with different radiation ability. For example, hydrogen, oxygen and other two atomic gases, no radiation, two atomic gas only molecular structure of complex three above the atomic gas and different elements have radiation ability. Under normal circumstances, cooling zone only air, and without air radiation ability, release the product cooling heat can only rely on air convection. In addition, coal burning tunnel kiln operation, sometimes in the coal doped with a small amount of water, the amount of water into water vapor (H2O consists of three atoms), ability can increase the flame radiation heat transfer. Of course, too much water can not be coal, because too much water in the evaporation, water vapour, will absorb a lot of heat. In this way, will make the combustion temperature decreases.

(3) radiation ability of solid and gas is different. At the same temperature, radiation ability of solid gas is much larger than. Because of this, so the flame amount of solid free carbon and some heavy hydrocarbons exist, can produce the so-called "Hui flame radiation", greatly enhance the ability of flame radiation. Of course, the solid particles also shoulds not be too much, otherwise, resulting in incomplete combustion, the flame in the kiln atmosphere effect,
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