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ceramic promotional mug cup gifts What are the factors that affect the suction of chimney?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
ceramic promotional mug cup gifts

When it comes to the question in the suction of chimney (H) formula

H pumped =H (air, gas)

Can know, factors influencing the suction of chimney is three, namely H, gamma, gamma gas air.

(1) influence height H: by the formula, H is larger, the higher the chimney, pumping force is large; H is smaller, the chimney is lower, the smaller the pumping force.

(2) the influence of air severe: the formula, the change in the H,  gas case, empty more, i.e. the outside air temperature is low, pulling force is in. The same is a chimney, the gate opening like in the case of pumping capacity, winter than summer, pumping power at night than during the day, this is because the winter night, outside air temperature than in the summer, the day low, gamma space is relatively large.

(3) effect of flue gas temperature: by the formula, H, gamma space unchanged, the larger the gamma gas, flue gas temperature is lower, the smaller the pumping force; gamma gas is small, i.e., the flue gas temperature is higher, the greater pumping capacity. The new kiln production, chimney smoke force is very small, workers often burn a fire in the bottom of a chimney, the chimney to improve the temperature of the gas, so as to increase the pulling force, is the truth.

In the chimney design, comprehensive consideration of the factors to influence on the force, not just grab a point less than the rest. For example, the chimney is higher, pumping power is more big, but not too much. Because of the higher and more requirements of the chimney, sturdy, masonry quality will increase, thus increasing the cost of. Moreover, the flue gas temperature is higher, the suction force is larger, but with the heat of flue gas is growing, increasing energy consumption, reduce the thermal efficiency of the furnace. The temperature of the surrounding air is not move with the person's volition, but in the chimney design, consideration should be given to the climate of the area, according to the area in summer maximum temperature to determine the air. So, in the chimney design, should consider all aspects of factors, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, reasonable design.
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