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New brand products promotional gifts ceramic mugs cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
New brand products promotional gifts custom printed ceramic mugs cups

From the view of energy use, the flue gas discharge temperature in the smoke of course is as small as possible. But in fact, reduce t smoke is limited. It is mainly affected by two factors: one is the force required to smoke chimney, another is the flue gas dew point.

From the pumping force formula of chimney (P79) shows that, in the same H,  F,  smoke is smaller, and the pumping force of the chimney smoke is big H. Gamma small smoke, that high temperature flue gas; if the temperature is too low, gamma smoke too much, smoke is too small, is bound to affect the firing kiln products.

Here, we found a pair of contradictions: the force to pull the chimney flue gas temperature is high, hope some good; from energy saving, flue gas temperature is low and some good hope. In order to solve this contradiction, we might as well the introduction of "critical pumping force" concept. The so-called "critical pumping force", is in the normal combustion, exhaust gas smoothly and ensure the quality of products, the minimum pumping power chimney with. Reduce the flue gas temperature, stress pumping can make chimney remains in critical pumping force above. Critical pulling force, can be calculated through the resistance, can also be found in practice.

Setting and loading density of smoke hole length, pre tropical all affect the temperature of exhaust gas, will directly affect the effect of energy saving.

Preheating length to total length of the greater the proportion of the kiln, the flue gas temperature is low; on the contrary, the higher the temperature of exhaust gas. Smoke hole position is too close to the firing zone, or near the burning smoke hole opening belt is relatively large, then, the flue gas from kiln temperature will increase. Loading density is appropriate, directly affects the convective heat transfer effect how, this will inevitably affect the temperature of exhaust gas. The appropriate code, so that the fire road smooth, not only can reduce the temperature inside the kiln, but also can reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas, the effect of energy saving is achieved.

Of course, the flue gas in the kiln and the exhaust system temperature, never to flue gas dew point, otherwise, the condensation of water vapor in the flue gas will WIP stacking surface and exhaust system, adverse effects.
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