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brand promotion gift ceramic mugs cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
brand promotion gift ceramic mugs cups

Sagger existence, also greatly affect the heat transfer rate in the kiln flame of products; on the other hand, sagger itself also take a lot of heat to the outside kiln consumed. Therefore, using no cartridge firing is desirable. But at present our country fired ceramic using coal and heavy oil as the main fuel, completely abolished the sagger, roasting fine porcelain, temporarily and difficult, so, in order to reduce the heat consumption sagger, many domestic manufacturers are using "thin sagger".

Thin-walled sagger, as the name suggests, this sagger wall wall thinner than ordinary sagger. Sagger energy consumption, mainly because the wall thickness, weight, thin wall, light weight, heat naturally reduce. A ceramic factory as an example: a kiln car mounted sagger and products 1440.15 kilograms, the sagger body weight of 1281.47 kg, 158.68 kg, sagger and body weight than l:7 ~ 8, specific heat sagger and products are basically the same, therefore, sagger heat away about 7 times as much as the product. Use thin-wall sagger, can make its weight is reduced by 30 ~ 50%, sagger and product weight ratio decreased to l:4 ~ 5. Because of the sagger body thin and light, heat production and use of sagger correspondingly reduced. At the same time, because of the thin body, thermal resistance decreases, increases the combustion products to the convection and radiation heat transfer products speed. In addition, sagger size become small, it can expand the charge volume, generally can be enlarged by more than 35%. The comprehensive effect is considerable: each of the tunnel kiln coal each year 1200 tons.

A ceramics factory in 1980 to promote the use of thin-walled sagger, in energy conservation effect is obvious, especially the service life is increased by twenty times, the loading capacity is increased by 25%, coal consumption fell 26.7% tons of porcelain. The plant thin sagger for high aluminum -- cordierite, its production process and general ceramic preparation process similarity. Table 12 - 7 as the main technical and economic indexes of the factory two sagger.
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