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ceramic v shape mugs cup How the impact of excess air coefficient on energy saving?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
ceramic v shape mugs cup

According to the analyses above, the exhaust gas volume V smoke is an important factor affecting the amount of flue gas heat. V smoke is mainly influenced by two factors:

One is the actual air quantity, another is the amount of air leakage. The actual air dosage is usually expressed by the following equation:

In V -- the actual air quantity, standard meter;

Alpha -- excess air coefficient;

V -- theoretical air amount, standard meter.

On certain fuel, V can be regarded as a constant. Therefore, can be seen from the above equation, V size, mainly depends on the size of the alpha. Thus, we can get some enlightenment: in order to reduce emissions of flue gas, reducing gas taking the heat, it should be in the precondition of ensuring complete combustion of fuel and the necessary atmosphere requirements, to reduce the excess air coefficient. Whether the use of excess air coefficient much is appropriate, should be decided according to the different fuels, furnace and products of different firing different requirements and other factors. A large, effects of excess air coefficient on energy saving according to the determination, an increase of 1% per O2 in the flue gas, fuel consumption will increase 2.62%.

Therefore, even in the oxidation stage, also should be controlled at around 11.5, the reduction stage, alpha should be controlled below L.
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