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Good fortune in the Horse Year!ceramic mugs cup what are the main ways

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Good fortune in the Horse Year!ceramic mugs cup

Mainly to work from the following four aspects:

(1) improved the glaze formula

The improved formula of glaze and body, reduce the sintering temperature are diverse ways. Synthesizing the relevant data and practical experience, the following is worthy of note:

The addition of a small amount of talc in the blank (3MgO 4SiO2 H2O), not only can increase transparency, brightness, and can expand the range of sintering, reduce the firing temperature. Liling area in order to reduce the feldspathic porcelain firing temperature, common magnesia clay replaces feldspar as flux. But because the expansion coefficient is small MgO, and opaque, so magnesian clay dosage should be less (less than 3%), otherwise, not only reduce the adorable degrees body, and easy cause surface cracking.

In the blank in introducing a small amount (about 1%) of dolomite and calcite. Dolomite is a complex mineral calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, it easily at high temperature and SiO2, clay and feldspar in the Al2O3 generation calcium silicate and cordierite, so can reduce the sintering temperature. The main composition of calcite is calcium carbonate, calcium silicate and SiO2 can also generate fusible at high temperature, helps the melt, reduce the firing temperature.

The increase in the amount of feldspar in the blank. Feldspar from the chemical composition, aluminum silicate containing an alkali metal and alkaline earth metal, is one of the main flux raw material in ceramic production. In the sintering process, feldspar melt (<1300), the formation of vitreous milky white sticky. This is no longer vitreous after cooling crystallization, and in high temperature melting part of kaolin decomposition and quartz grains, promote the ceramic reaction, it can lower the sintering temperature, reduce fuel consumption.

In the aspect of improving glaze formula, can consider the following points: (A) with high calcium glaze. The successful experience of long term in the Tangshan area. Such as Tangshan two factory lime dosage 7%, plus calcium and magnesium than white waste raw materials, glazes calcium oxide content is 4.96%, the reductive blaze firing conditions, low sintering temperature, porcelain white color. (B) using lithium glaze. Li2O is one of the most powerful of alkali metal oxides in the flux of glaze, fluidity, gloss has good effect. Used Li Huishi (Li2O A12O3 4SiO2), lithium carbonate are introduced in the form of glaze. Glazed ripple less lithium, glaze surface is smooth, pinhole less strong, gloss, can reduce the sintering temperature. (C) glaze and blank fineness, especially the glaze fineness, to lower the sintering temperature, is a factor that can not be ignored. Glaze processing more detailed, to reduce the firing temperature is favorable.

(2) reduced the kiln temperature

Tunnel kiln temperature difference, temperature difference and there have been other, also have a great effect on the firing temperature. For example, the upper part of the products reach the firing system to a predetermined temperature, while the lower product is far lower, in order to make the products the same temperature reached, we had to delay the cart, and as a result, the products may be more than a predetermined temperature. In order to equalise burning zone temperature difference, often with the holding time is prolonged, and the extension of the results, it may improve the firing temperature. Therefore, to make every attempt to narrow the difference in temperature inside the kiln, especially the temperature difference.

(3) note the effect of atmosphere on sintering temperature

Kiln atmosphere has a certain effect on the firing temperature. In general, the porcelain in the sintering temperature atmosphere heating reduction are lower than those in oxidizing atmosphere. That's because in a reducing atmosphere in the porcelain, iron mostly exists in the form of FeO, while FeO is the flux strong, easy and SiO2 to form low melting glass; at the same time, under a reducing atmosphere, the surface tension of glass phase in the oxidizing atmosphere is increased by about 20%. These factors have prompted the blank is sintered at low temperature. But reducing flame porcelain District in the south of China firing temperature why than northern porcelain district at oxidizing flame firing temperature is high? This is mainly because the reductive blaze firing at low temperature to exclude the Fe2O3 and sulfate, a foaming temperature will not, therefore, a little attention, often easy to lose control, so that the firing temperature is higher, and the effect of different glaze formula, influence of one-sided pursuit of whiteness, gloss, resulting in the south of the firing temperature is higher than the north.

(4) the development of new varieties of low temperature ceramic

Many domestic ceramics factory has been the use of local resources, to create a low cost, low sintering temperature, low energy consumption and high value export ceramic products. For example, Shandong Zibo uses the local rich coke gemstones and talc resources, developed a variety of color porcelain and talc porcelain, very popular with foreign investors welcome, Hunan copper palace ceramic companies use cheap local raw materials for the production of a variety of stoneware, is also very popular, with significant economic benefits. Therefore, to develop a low sintering temperature of the new types of ceramic, is an important way for energy saving.

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