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decorated ceramic gift mugs cups Reduce the kiln body heat what are the main ways?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
decorated ceramic gift mugs cups

Tunnel kiln is more economic. Because of its large loading capacity, can reduce per unit weight of products, the share of the kiln surface area make the kiln roof, wall heat reduced accordingly. At present, foreign kiln kiln kiln body design has relaxed the trend. Tunnel kiln American widest already amounted to 6.3 meters, while promoting the use of double kiln car, Britain has 2.6 meters wide firing ceramic tunnel kiln. Therefore, to reduce the surface area of the tunnel kiln, should not simply consider the narrow section or the length of the kiln, and with other conditions (such as burner performance, such as comprehensive consideration of yield).

The rational use of the kiln roof, wall thickness and heat insulation material.

Heat conduction formula from the stable condition of flat walls, or non flat wall can be seen, the kiln top, wall thickness, the kiln top, wall dissipated heat less, conversely, dissipated heat is large. Various ceramic producing tunnel kiln was also proved this point. Furthermore, the top of the kiln wall, appropriate selection of high quality insulation materials, such as ceramic fiber, can effectively reduce the kiln outward heat flow, reduce surface temperature of kiln body, according to equation (12 - 1), t -t null value is small, the heat will inevitably reduce. For example, Haicheng ceramics factory four tunnel kiln, 72 meters long, 19 meters in the firing zone of 26 meters heat kiln wall is placed inside a 10 mm thick ceramic fiber and 40 mm thick perlite, burning kiln wall surface temperature is only 60, reduced oil consumption of 1 tons left and right. Of course, the kiln body too thick or selected too advanced insulation material does not work, it will greatly increase the kiln, the construction investment.

A very important but easily overlooked factor in the kiln body heat loss, is the kiln body set many observation hole, measuring hole. These holes are sealed and lax, and some perennial not (firing zone and cooling zone accident Kong Fujin), restless outwards spitfire. According to the calculation, only these holes in the heat loss, which is equivalent to 3% of total heat consumption. Therefore, these holes in the set must be strictly controlled, should improve the sealing performance, can set can not be provided with or without.

To make full use of the top of the kiln, kiln wall heat loss. Many use method, the plant can be decided according to the actual situation of their own.
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