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eco cup with personalized design The history of utilization of energy

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custom eco cup with personalized design

Human use of energy, through the vegetation period, coal, oil and natural gas during the period, has now entered the nuclear era. According to estimates, to twenty-first Century, mankind will enter the era of solar energy and nuclear fusion.

Before 1875, the main energy for human beings is the vegetation; after 1875, it entered a period of coal. Until 1950, the world's energy is still dominated by coal.

After the Second World War, with the progress of science and technology, the development of industrial production, the use of oil is more and more widely. At the end of the fifty's, the early sixty's, some of the major industrial countries completed the coal dominated energy to change the oil and natural gas, so that the oil and gas becomes after wood fuel and coal third generation energy.

The 1973 Middle East War broke out, the oil-rich Arabia state as a weapon to oil, the production, the embargo, nationalization and price, resulting in the capitalist world energy crisis. The crisis prompted the industrial countries have research, explore the way to solve the energy problem. On the one hand energy saving, on the one hand the development of new energy sources. This will further promote the human use of energy into a new period. According to estimates USA Ge Corp: by 2000, the total consumption of energy in the world will reach 133 tons of standard coal, the energy of about 13 tons of standard coal, accounting for 1/10; nuclear capacity of about 700000000 kilowatts, accounting for the total capacity of power around 30%.
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