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Magnesia strengthen porcelain eco-friendly cup mug drinkware Reduce the flue gas heat along with what are the main measures?

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Magnesia strengthen porcelain eco-friendly custom ceramic mug with lid drinkware

The main measures are as follows:

(1) to improve the combustion condition, reduce the flue gas and combustible material l (C, CO) content.

(2) take various effective measures, as far as possible to enhance the efficiency of heat transfer between the gas in the Kiln Road and products.

(3) reduce the furnace negative pressure. The kiln and kiln length is closely related to the negative pressure. The kiln is longer, air resistance is larger (three Fang Cheng proportional resistance and kiln long); resistance, overcome to increase pumping force resistance, pumping force increases, negative pressure preheating zone will increase. Therefore, Yao should not too long. But Yao also shoulds not be too short, otherwise, the exhaust temperature is too high, increase energy consumption, product quality is not good.

(4) the exhaust hole set should be reasonable, and according to the firing curve reasonable adjustment of each gate, control exhaust volume, which can meet the process requirements, and can make full use of the heat of the flue gas.

(5) special attention to kiln seal, curtain, tight sand seal, seal and a seal car.

(6) take various effective measures, including setting up a double door, kiln head closed to reduce air leakage. Make full use of the waste heat of the flue gas.
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