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Ceramic Advertising mug cup Design of tunnel kiln to collect original data?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Ceramic Advertising mug cup

Preparation of tunnel kiln design is very important. The collection of original data, is an important preparation work. It includes the following several aspects:

(1) kiln production tasks, namely the production (or output, output per hour), which is the given design task, generally can not arbitrarily change, but also to consider the future development of leave adequate leeway.

(2) the varieties of products, specifications and fuel used in understanding the performance (including fuel composition, heat value, combustion characteristics), as the basic size selection, determine the kiln kiln type, design the corresponding material handling equipment and provide reference for combustion equipment;

(3) years working days, according to the kiln structure, equipment performance, identify each furnace continuous operation time;

(4) the rate of finished products: according to the structure, operation of the kiln, and reference the same furnace has been put into operation in the circumstances to be determined;

(5) the body into the kiln kiln structure water: according to determine the requirements for the body and the factory drying equipment performance etc.;

(6) the composition of the raw material, performance;

(7) to determine the firing system: firing system can provide technical reference data for the reasonable design of tunnel kiln.

(8) understand the underground water level land compressive strength, building address level, provide the information for selection of kiln, kiln system foundation and drainage design.

At the same time, we should master the local maximum temperature, air pressure, wind direction and wind, the weather and other meteorological data, to determine the location and design of chimney kiln.
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