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porcelain ceramic mugs cup Design of tunnel kiln generally includes the steps

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Porcelain ceramic mugs cup

General can be divided into the following steps:

(1) the collection of original data.

(2) kiln type selection.

(3) calculation of main size kiln.

(4) to determine the system: for example, a combustion chamber, exhaust port layout? By what way cooling? With what method to reduce the temperature difference and so on.

(5) determine the kiln body and material selection of materials, material thickness estimates.

(6) calculation of fuel burning, including the amount of air, flue gas, combustion temperature.

(7) fuel consumption calculation, can be used in two ways. The selection of empirical data, using pre tropical, burning with heat balance calculating.

(8) the selection and calculation of the burner combustion chamber: calculated per hour full kiln fuel consumption, can be calculated for each burner hourly fuel consumption, so as to select appropriate burner.

(9) calculation of cooling air requirement. Can be calculated by cooling with heat balance method, and seventh with.

(10) resistance calculation and selection of fan.

(11) reinforced with steel frame structure calculation.

(12) draw kiln system diagram and vertical, flat profile and kiln mainly section.
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