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porcelain ceramic mugs cup drinkware tableware Utilization of waste heat which has several forms

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
porcelain ceramic mugs cup drinkware tableware
Many forms of waste heat utilization, to sum up, there are following several:

(1) the cooling zone of hot air out fan, sent to oven dried body;

(2) in the installation of waste heat boiler, kiln roof;

(3) in the mounting chain dryer kiln roof;

(4) in the cooling zone, kiln kiln top wall mounted water tank or water wall;

(5) built around the box type oven in the kiln body surface where the temperature is high (this way, pottery factory used more);

(6) smoking hot air as heat source of dry pit road, coarse pottery products.

The first form is the most common, the effect is better also, not only the heat utilization rate is high, but also to the stability of the kiln pressure, atmosphere, temperature system plays a great role. But there are also some factories because of the drying room is too far away from the furnace, hot air pipeline is very long, heat loss is very big, if air leakage pipe, cooling more, reach the drying room, hot air temperature is very low, can not meet the requirements of drying blank.
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