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porcelain display plate ceramic mugs where appropriate Heat out of hole position

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
porcelain display plate ceramic mugs
Heat out of the hole position is very important, too close from the firing zone can not, can not be too far away. Too close, flue gas flow with serious, firing interference firing, will also affect the cooling with cooling. For example, a plant waste heat out of hole (concentrated extract from the stove) last for only 2.9 meters, heat fan can not open, open Yu fan, fume serious back, had to shut down without. Too much is not out, hot air temperature is very low, can not meet the need of drying blank. According to practical experience, the waste heat from the end of the first bore out the center at 7 - 8 meters is appropriate.

The vertical position of heat extraction hole, at present there are several: some in the kiln top, some in the middle of kiln wall, some flat kiln car mesa. Effects from the use of view, located in the roof, is not conducive to the uniform cooling. Quench gas curtain to cold air into the kiln, the kiln top pumping force, into the air by a large number from the upper pumping out, hard to reach in the lower part of the bowl column, between the effect of cold, hot air heat exchange, resulting in insufficient cooling uniformity. In the middle is arranged at the top of the kiln wall is better, but because the hot air from the middle out, the temperature difference is relatively large, uniform cooling are still affected by. In the kiln car tops, effect is good, can force the air quench gas curtain in the downward flow, can reduce the temperature difference of cooling zone, cooling is uniform, but must also pay attention to curved seal and sand sealing, adjusting the car under pressure, to prevent the car air leakage into the kiln, in non quenching zone quench, causes the product breakage.
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