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fine porcelain ceramic mugs cup drinkware tableware Distribution branch flue are there?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
fine porcelain ceramic mugs cup drinkware tableware

Judging from the present situation, distribution branch flue has roughly four:

(1) the branch flue arranged on both sides of the kiln wall foundation. The advantage of this kind of form is the stack section can be large, cleaning more convenient, especially for coal burning tunnel kiln, more suitable for. Disadvantage is high cost, and as a result, the location of deep, such as the underground water level is higher, should not be used.

(2) the branch flue arranged on both sides of the lower furnace wall. The advantages of this structure can be simplified pre tropical infrastructure, not specifically set the flue, thereby reducing the cost, save money. Disadvantage is that the kiln wall limit, flue section is smaller. Cleaning more difficult; and the kiln wall is thin, heat large. This structure is used for gas kiln, kiln oil can, not too suitable for coal mines, like.

(3) a flue is arranged in both sides of the upper part of the kiln smoke hole wall. The advantages and disadvantages of second similar, is the smoke flow, resistance, cleaning more difficult.

(4) the branch flue in the pre tropical central kiln under the car total flue base instead of. The flue gas enters the exhaust hole, directly into the total flue. This structure is simple, can reduce cost, save money, flue gas flow resistance is also small, the cleaning is convenient, in the small coal burning tunnel kiln is more appropriate
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