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Bone china ceramic mugs cup What is called a kiln tail wind? What is it?

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Bone china ceramic mugs cup
Kiln tail wind, also called kiln cooling air curtain. It is a cooling structure is arranged on the end of the cooling zone. Product cooling process can be divided fast, slow, fast three processes. From the firing temperature to 700, rapid cooling. 700 - 400, slow cooling, because the phase disappeared in this temperature interval product liquid, solid just formed, strength is very low; plus 573 is a quartz crystal form transition, namely the - quartz into  - quartz, at this time, accompanied by a volume change, therefore, must be cooled slowly, otherwise, will cause defects such as cold fried. Below 400, and rapid cooling, because the products have considerable strength, at the same time the danger zone of quartz crystal transformation has been, so it can be fast cooling. But in fact, fast cooling speed limit, because when the temperature difference between the cold air outside the kiln kiln heat the gas and cooling with earlier than small, effect of heat transfer rate. Kiln tail cold setting was to fast cooling products in this temperature interval.
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