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Violet color design ceramic mugs Finally, between a pair of small stove and first on the stove to long distance for Xuan

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Violet color design ceramic mugs
Finally, between a pair of small stove and first on the stove distance is a very important data, too short. Too long, first to fire furnace on the last of a small stove is small, the critical temperature is often low, there is a warm valley may also be in this range is too short, effect of fire furnace; small furnace, the critical temperature is high. To determine the distance of the length, is mainly based on the factors of the plant slip formula and trolley speed to determine. Because of this interval is actually interval a heat insulation, such as factory slip formula of sintering curve need to fire for 2 hours (120 minutes), cart velocity is a car, every 30 minutes so, this distance is the length of the:

L=120/30=4 (parking)

If the length is 1.5 meters, then, this distance is 1.5  4=6 (m).

According to practical experience, such as the construction of the tunnel kiln 50 - 70 meters, this distance can be chosen in the range of 6 - 8 meters.
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