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stoneware color glazed ceramic mugs,solid color mug cup What is called a kiln head closed air curtain? What is it?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
stoneware color glazed custom ceramic mugs manufacturers,solid color mug cup
Kiln head closed air curtain, also known as gas gas curtain kiln head. It is placed on the kiln head and first parking spaces at the top kiln and kiln wall. A series of channels, a fan to air from the hole in the kiln, the kiln head structure is called a closed air curtain. The air curtain is the role of "closed" two words. That is to say, make the gas from kiln. Hot air does not run outside the kiln outside the kiln, cold air can not enter the kiln, which can guarantee the kiln head at the temperature, reducing the temperature difference.

Its structure has two kinds: one kind is the top of the kiln, kiln wall are lattice type; another is the top of the kiln kiln wall lattice type, straight type (Figure). After a form of the construction is more convenient, and fluid resistance. From the air outlet wind direction, top, wall vertical blow; roof, walls, wall top blowing; blown outward; the top wall inward, outward blow; top, wall inward outward blow out a variety of forms such as. Whether to adopt what kind of form, according to the pressure system in the kiln to set. In general, the kiln head are negative, so to top of the kiln, kiln wall are blown outward such forms as well. But for the kiln head pressure is not big, even the micro positive pressure in the kiln, can use the top wall inward, outward form. Top inward, can effectively prevent the hot gas to escape, because of the hot gas lighter, more in the upper part of the wall; outward, can effectively prevent cold air into the kiln outside the kiln, because cold air is heavier battle from the lower into the kiln. Gas curtain position closed, generally from the kiln head closer as well. A closed air curtain air generally has three kinds, namely: cooling with hot air, car and flue gas. Cooling with air as the transmission distance is longer, the way the temperature drop, at the same time, pressure, air flow loss is large, so the general nearest car downwind or flue gas is appropriate.
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