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Traditional ceramic mugs industry matures

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Traditional ceramic mugs industry matures, single-outlet develop into franchising . Pay more attention to brand, size , consumer attitudes and other marketing methods . New business opportunities while the collision , the major brands of new similar, to win the trust of consumers, the majority of enterprises are integrating existing resources , to promote fast forward. "Many of the ceramic industry , including some brands tend to electronic commerce. Part relying on the development of agents in e-commerce platform to sell bathroom products, try to" shock . "
2008 end as Taobao , Jingdong, Yi Xun , New Egg and other well-known online shopping websites have openly investment, ceramic industry is also tentative contacts , improve certain reputation and brand influence , and no clear expectations. Among some of the second-tier ceramic brand to seize opportunities in the original ceramic channel main push energy saving and environmental protection, promote green space theme products to enhance the follow-up service capabilities , while the demand divided by consumer psychology , good market positioning system .
The refinement of the market in the future course of development of ceramics , second-tier brands expect to see in the area of electronic commerce , turnover, brand awareness and gradually improved. There has been rapid development of ceramic industry for over 10 years , we have witnessed the ceramic industry product innovation.
From " store + electronic business platform ," second-tier brand new model to explore the use of a better space to play. Internet- based e-commerce show , save inventory, warehousing costs , without Yakuan .
On the second-tier brands, really timely , reorientation . To provide " the countrys most innovative ceramic products service provider" for the position, to the national market promotion.
Newly developed products adhere to the people -centered caring service, attentive customized technology , is committed to provide users with the most convenient service. Consumers buy products at the same time to understand the business concept, enhanced sense of identity. E-commerce platform to provide housebound swim experience , can promote communication with customers , to enable enterprises to achieve lasting propaganda effect. And invited to visit the store , enhance customer stickiness factor , stable long-term relationship .
Platform combined with the entity , established shop group to strengthen the text and graphics display . According to the feedback , consumers do not have the ability to identify professional sanitary premise , only to see pictures of landscaping and ceramic space design , and several other factors , the real product appearance, quality, safety, environmental characteristics, energy conservation, internal process advantages etc., are not fully demonstrated . At this point the entity with increasing trade exchanges, salons and other activities , combined with each other in the e-commerce platform to experience a system of buying a new model, is indeed the way business innovation .
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