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Ceramic mugs cup - do not choose colorful

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Ceramic mugs manufacturers cup - do not choose colorful
Ceramic mugs cup relatively safe. Ceramic is divided into food and non-food grade, production of ceramic tableware and cups are food grade, and production artwork and sinks of non-food grade ceramic is completely different, more stringent food-grade ceramics. On ceramics with the patterns, glaze, etc. is also a security risk, especially glass wall in color, but also to be careful when choosing. According to the production process of the "glazed" and the "color" of the order, ceramic products are divided into glaze color, glaze and underglaze color. After the glaze color is the first color glaze, do not use cutlery because pigments containing heavy metals, and very easy bleaching, when the time for installing the beverage will dissolve in the drink, if you hand to touch the glass will feel inside bump injustice; underglaze color is the first post on the color glazed ceramic products which are the most safe and can be used to make cutlery and cups; glaze is a glaze and color together, you can make use of cutlery, but no underglaze color safety.
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