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Ceramic knowledge - roller kiln has advantages and disadvantages?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Roller kiln original ingot custom ceramic mugs wholesale furnace used in the metallurgical industry, thirties Americanstransplanted to the ceramic industry. After decades of improvement and development of the structural design of roller kiln in the kiln, roller materials andtechnology system is maturing, the past two decades more advanced ceramic industry is fast-firing kilns, Italy, Siti (SlT 1) furnace to the federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Soviet Union, China and the Czech Republic and other countries to sell all types of roller kiln.

Roller kiln tunnel area and the flat position in the roll axis at the same time heating,easy to adjust the temperature, reducing the temperature, the temperature distribution is uniform, accurate control of the firing curve. To shorten the firing timedue to rapid firing, the production of a substantial increase. In addition, kiln cars, cages, and kiln furniture can not reduce their heat storage capacity, the thermal energy consumption is greatly reduced, the fuel saving. Do not promote heavy kilncars and kiln furniture contained, therefore, the power needed to reduce the power consumption is also a corresponding reduction. In general, the application roller kilncolor burn or glaze products heat consumption compared with other kilns can be reduced about 1/3.

Its main deficiency is that the roller material constraints, the length can not be too long. Moreover, the material long-term run at high temperatures due to load,deformation and wear, and require frequent replacement. Therefore, the use of roller kiln temperature is generally no more than 1250, apply to unglazed or color burn.
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