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What is the basic principle of drying?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Studies have shown ceramic mug sublimation that there is a certain relationship between the drying rate ofgreen body and green body water content,
The drying process of the green body can be divided into four stages.

(1) warm-up stage. Figure E-A dashed line segment represents this process. Thisstage is characterized by: a short time, less water evaporation, the green body isalmost what happens to reach the point A warm-up phase came to an end, at the end of the green body surface temperature is equal to the wet bulb temperature ofthe drying medium.

(2) constant drying stage. In Section B indicates that this process. At this stage, thegreen body surface temperature no longer increases, the green body from thedrying medium heat, all used to evaporate water. At this point, the moisture of the green body surface evaporation of internal moisture to rely on the capillary force isconstantly added to the green body surface, the green body surface is always kept moist, dry fierce, drying rate is constant, it is called the constant drying stage .

(3) the falling rate drying stage. Figure D-B. B, adobe internal moisture diffusion tothe surface of the amount, can not compensate for the amount of water from thegreen body surface evaporation. Green body surface can not be kept moist, the drying rate decreased, so this stage is called the falling rate drying stage. At this stage, the particle has to move closer to each other, the volume remains the same;water discharge, the blanks in vivo formation of pores.

(4) equilibrium phase. Point D in the diagram. Mechanical combination of water inthe green body is completely ruled out, but also contain adsorbed water. Adsorbed water in the green body always maintain a state of equilibrium with the ambient airtemperature and humidity, no further increase in stomatal drying rate is zero. At this time the moisture content of the blank body is called the equilibrium moisture.

The actual drying, generally up to the point C, point C the moisture content as dryingfinal moisture, it is slightly higher than the equilibrium moisture.
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