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Modulation turned mold gypsum slurry to pay attention to what

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Mixing pay attention to wholesale ceramic mug controlling the mixing ratio of water and cream and beatingoperations. In particular, to strictly control the proportion of gypsum and water.Different uses of the model, the paste of water than is different. Slip casting modelcream water smaller than the paste of water than the plastic forming the model. Thegrouting mold the paste water around 100:90, rotating billet molding paste of watermold rotating billet molding cream water can also be less than about 100:80, rollforming. However, due to the nature of the ointment, the modulation amount of wateris not the same, so the development of process indicators, be sure to gypsum andthe nature of the blank mud to determine the most appropriate amount of watered.Also note that the correct method of mixing in the mixing. Mixing operation, theplaster of the quantitative evenly pour to a pre-prepared water, place 2 ~ 4min, and then has been stirred into a slurry without air before filling mode. The mixing time for different gypsum is not exactly the same, you can, such as Hubei plaster the city should generally 3 ~ 4min, Shanxi gypsum are generally 2 ~ 3 min, if the mixing timeis too long, cream pulp initial setting is necessary to harden. Stirring action is abouteven, but also to prevent the volume into the air. In order to reduce the bubbles in thepaste thick, has been widely used vacuum mixing method to handle the gypsum slurry.
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