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Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Round Ceramic mug Sculpture capacity calculation is based on the formula for the volume of the cylinder to be calculated. As the shape of various parts of thediameter size are not equal, not an absolute regular cylinder, so a segmentationmethod of calculation, and then add up to the segment volume capacity is the totalcapacity of the shape. This method is based on the capacity of the circular shapecalculated in subparagraph table and calculation paper (square format) to do theaids will be transparent to the shape of profile drawings kept in the calculation of a piece of paper, number formatting, look-up table, the addition can have themodeling capacity. To illustrate: If the shape of a teapot, pot body deep 11.8cm, as shown below, find the capacity of the teapot.


(1) the shape of the production graph over the graph paper (calculation of thepaper), the shape of the mouth and calculation paper cm horizontal grid linescoincide, the shape of the center line of the graph paper cm grid of vertical linescoincide, through cm grid over the graph paper, sub-modeling for several centimeters equal portions, each cross-section height 1cm.

(2) calculate the size of the shape of each cross radius, in accordance with the following formula to calculate the shape of each cross-section of the capacity:

Cylinder volume V = R-radius area of a circle ?H = 3.1 4 ?/SPAN> R2, ?/SPAN> H-type

V-volume calculated:

R = 5cm V = 78.5cm3
R = 5.1c m V = 91cm3
R = 5.4cm V = 91cm3
R = 5.3cm V = 88 cm3
R = 5.2 cm V = 85 cm3
R = 5.1 cm V = 8 1.7cm3
R = 4.8 cm V = 71.3cm3
R = 4.5cm V = 63.7cm3
R = 4.2cm V = 55.3cm3
R = 4 cm V = 50.3cm3
R = 3.4cm V-= 3 6.2cm3
R = 2 cm V = l 2.5 7cm3

(3) The shape of each segment capacity to add up, which results in the shape of full capacity:

Total volume: 78.5 9 1 9 1 88 ten 8 5 81.7 71.3 63.7 5 5.3 50.3 3 6.2 l 2.5 7 =805.57cm3

Therefore, the total capacity of 805.57cm3

To the law generally is about the error l0cm3.
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