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Spain's procurement section of the curtain on December 8, Foshan

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
China ceramic mug enterprises usher in new opportunities, international procurement section then expand into new markets. 8-10 December 2011, the "international procurement section of the procurement section of a series of activities • Spain" in China Ceramics City China Ceramics Industry Headquarters grand curtain. More than a dozen Spanish ceramic sanitary traders, distributors, public and installed home improvement business, engineering designers will go to purchasing China Foshan ceramics, sanitary products.

Wang joined forces urging the two countries the global market

The event is organized by Foshan China Ceramics City Development Ltd., jointly organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce to help Chinese ceramics, sanitary ware business and Spain's strong combination of international buyers, and actively respond to the European market difficulties, and deep into South America, Southeast Asia and other ceramic active trade in emerging markets. In the international economic downturn, national anti-dumping frequency of the occasion, released the procurement section of Spain, is bound to rise into the leading Chinese companies in the international ceramics market, strong blow on the play. This is following the procurement section of America the two cities, South Korea procurement section of the Festival and other international procurement success after another big move.

Since 2008 the global economic crisis, subject to severe impact of the European market has been without the recovery, slow recovery. European market downturn, which is also the Spanish ceramics industry year after year cut, cut, and even the phenomenon of business failures occur. The same period of Chinese ceramics production enterprise in the face of recession, when the international market, is facing the EU, Argentina, Thailand, Korea and other countries anti-dumping dilemma. Seek market outlets for the two ceramics were big problems facing the country.

Recently, the China Ceramic City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters and the joint efforts of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, for the two ceramics industry to create new opportunities for development for enterprises of both countries to build up the "international procurement section of the procurement section of a series of activities • Spain," the international platform to promote the participation of joint cooperation between enterprises in difficulties and actively respond to the European market, while it has also used the prestige of the two countries to expand the Americas, Southeast Asia and other markets. China's strong production capacity, cost-effective products, combined with Spain's best-selling design packaging, marketing, were driving together drive, for the development of international ceramic industry brings vibrant, inject fresh vitality, the first breakthrough.

Gold buyers bring new international business opportunities

The event is divided into visit and purchase, exchange party, Forum and many other aspects, will be China Ceramics City China Ceramics Industry Headquarters stationed in the city of two businesses, local Foshan ceramics, sanitary ware manufacturer and purchasing groups from Spain joint participation. By then, ROYO, Azulejos Plaza SA, ATS, JAEROD, Mantis and other ceramic sanitary dozen buyers, distributors, trading companies, home improvement business, engineering, general manager, purchasing manager, designer hand pro-active on-site, include intent to purchase ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories and other products, will help China ceramic enterprises from a number of channels to expand the international market.

It is reported that members of purchasing groups lack the Spanish known gold companies. For example, JAEROD is Spain's largest FYI, home improvement and gardening products chain, the main procurement in China sanitary ware, faucets, shower column, shower room and other products. Azulejos Plaza SA is Spain's major ceramic production vendors, products exported to 98 countries, the country's abundant resources, distributors and retailers. The need to purchase 600x600mm, 800x800 mm, 1200x600 mm and other large size tiles, glazed tiles, hope and long-term cooperation of China's manufacturing enterprises. VILCERAM is ceramic bathroom business worldwide buyers, not only for the Spanish market, the selection of quality products, but also for the Southeast Asian market to find the right products, hope and low anti-dumping duties China ceramic enterprises alliance. Top Source Limited trading company as a senior, has a solid foundation in the European market, the aim is to find co-operation in China Asian manufacturers, in order quantities ceramics, sanitary ware products.

Business at hand, win the future market. Haze in the international market of today is not scattered, China Ceramics City China Ceramics Industry Headquarters for the majority of merchants, manufacturers title to the olive branch, set up in the two western powers ceramic bridges of friendship and cooperation, the potential for cross-border purchases in this section opened a new chapter in the international ceramic industry, played a powerful voice!
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