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Fry the paste operation to pay attention to what matters?--ceramic mug production skill

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
(1) fried cream, ceramic mug fried cream pot and check the clean-up equipment is normal. Andmake firing preparatory work of the fire box.

(2) by adding quantitative gypsum powder, start the stirrer, stirring constantly.

(3) the fire inside the coal should be uniform, at the beginning of firepower to be small to prevent the plaster local excesses.

(4) fried cream temperature control in the 170 ~ 190 , and shall not exceed 200 temperature indicators. Measured to determine the range of 170 ~ 190  Caccording to different natural gypsum performance. In the frying process, you should always check the temperature of the gypsum powder.

(5) Note that the boiling of the plaster. Fried paste process is generally able to seethe second boiling (bubbling phenomenon), but sometimes the second bubblephenomenon is not very distinct. Each stage of the bubble, is the beginning of thevesicles slowly continue to reveal a large bubble to the end and disappear. This isthe dihydrate gypsum discharge the sake of one and a half of water. Bubblesgradually reduced to pay attention to the pressure of the fire, reducing fire, thebubbles disappeared, that the gypsum fry.
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