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Indonesia's ceramic steadily custom disney coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
While political suspicions custom disney coffee mugs clouds Egypt, Libya, slightly easing the situation, the EU into a swamp of debt, crisis-ridden U.S. economy, political stability and economic growth of Indonesia's economy to become uniform business with investors concerned about the country. Has a "country of thousand islands' reputation of Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago, famous beauty of Bali, Jakarta is located in Southeast Asia as an international city, be tolerant to diversity and inclusiveness. Indonesia's economic development focus the attention of many enterprises at home and abroad with the hope, the reporter visited the market found in the bathroom, ceramic tile and even machines and equipment, chemical raw materials fields, Indonesia has great potential.

Tile vying Indonesia

Reporters visited the building materials market in Indonesia during that year, Indonesia's market less affected by the crisis in Europe, tiles, bathroom sales steadily, local ceramics companies are rapidly developing. As technology advances and process improvements, local ceramics company's products are increasingly recognized by consumers, now more than ever local tile sales increase.

And in many places, the spontaneous formation of capital, Jakarta, Indonesia, 4-5 bathroom tile sales market. Different sales areas in Jakarta in all directions, far away from each other, selling similar product positioning between regions, not differences. Most of the sales area of the store are only a few square meters, is the grocery store lay out the type of product, unlike China's exhibition hall with a full display of showroom space, there is no complicated modification and secondary marketing tool. Most retail store owners are overseas, after years of painstaking operation, some people have to the fourth decade, he gave the shop to the next generation to take care of.

Tile market in Indonesia, faintly visible development and the rise of local brands. In the building materials market, all kinds of national mark affixed to products in Indonesia can be seen everywhere, and the Chinese tiles are hidden in the market between the brand, not as usual in the local market, "a grand scale." November last year, building materials stores in Jakarta and you could see all kinds of Chinese brands tiles affixed, and now, the size of the tiles on the store shelf has been uniformly labeled local brand LOGO, most Chinese brands prominent is the Mona Lisa Ceramics, has demonstrated in many stores, the new source of ceramic tile brand also entered the area, and more Chinese tiles hidden in local products for sale.

According to local agents revealed that Chinese tiles into Indonesia market needs to pay a tariff, the rate showed ladder-like distribution of the products exported to Indonesia, the lower the price, the higher the tariff. With post-tax prices of our products and prices were flat in Indonesia or more local products, which reduce our cheap ceramic products export to Indonesia's market competitiveness. However, high-value ceramic tile products to be exported in Indonesia has some of the pressure, once the price is higher than a certain magnitude, the locals are more willing to use the stone, the local market, there are many stores specialize in selling stone. In the local market, seepage tile, polished tile is still the mainstream, the whole cast enamel products have entered the local market, more and more antique brick. Products exported from China and Indonesia, domestic production of ceramic tile competition, many brands, vying.

Sanitary: TOTO, a dominant

Jakarta car-infested, many sections of the daily traffic jam for up to 8-10 hours, and some building materials market roads narrow, busy, hung next to the cross wires of all kinds of billboards, but the TOTO brand image has been outstanding.

TOTO bathroom almost monopolized market in Jakarta, visionary TOTO decades ago has begun to enter the local market, over a long period of market development, TOTO products closely meet the actual needs of the local market, product development is more complete, TOTO products in local market both high-value high-end products, but also in the general consumer acceptance of products within the medium price range. A local sales person in charge of the store told the publication, although TOTO bathroom sales in the local competition, sales of product homogeneity, agents in the competition, dropping lower and lower profit, but because the brand has gained recognition, product quality, after-sales services are quite perfect, so agents are still willing to sell TOTO products. The official also said China sanitary ware brand's sales performance was flat in Indonesia, a bathroom brand into Indonesia more than a decade, but has been unable to occupy a seat in the local market place.

It is noteworthy that, Indonesia's shower room industry in its infancy, not many stores sell, but the local living environment suitable shower room, retail sales reflect good, worthy of the domestic bath business concerns. Bathroom cabinet in the store is also occasionally seen, but the style is simple, yet widely used. Despite the unstable situation in the world, European and American economic downturn, but with a strong domestic market in Indonesia and stable economic development, ceramic tile bathroom with previous years, sales were flat or increased slightly, which makes this piece of Chinese ceramics market in Indonesia, "fat" leave do not give up.

Chemical potential of ceramic machine

According to incomplete statistics, Indonesia, about 200 ceramic production lines, more than 60 ceramic enterprises (Statistics caliber), the local ceramic enterprises to develop a more robust products both in domestic sales, but also exported to Southeast Asian countries. As the demand for the stable development of their tile, the local chemical industry machinery and equipment and raw materials market demand. According to Indonesia, a local person in charge of a ceramics factory, Modena 2011, the volume of business in Indonesia easily exceeded 30 million dollars, showing the development of Indonesia's market potential lies.

Currently, the use of ceramic enterprises in Indonesia generally more obsolete equipment, kilns have been used for over ten years, to see the newer equipment in 2006. Ceramic equipment machine equipment products primarily in Europe, Italy and equipment in the local share is higher.

Peng Peng Wan, general manager of the machinery in field trips to local ceramic enterprises, pointed out that Indonesia's ceramic market potential for development, while Indonesia ceramics has its own characteristics. For example, in the local construction of the furnace, not the longer the better, according to market demand and product range comprehensive planning. On the ground, a length of 100 meters of the furnace is sufficient to meet market demand. Energy saving is the local trend, many companies now use the Italian production of small automatic balers. "As good quality Italian products, local companies are accustomed to the use of ceramic high-quality products, so China ceramic machine equipment export to Indonesia, where in addition to considering price factors, the quality requirements for the equipment itself is also quite high."

In the field of chemical raw materials, Wo Hop, Fuxing and other companies have taken root in Indonesia, and has been recognized by local ceramic enterprises.

PT.MULIAKERAMIKINDAHR-AYA's director of engineering (EngineeringHead) LukasHindriwijaya this year during a visit in Jakarta on November 17-19 at the "2011 Indonesian Ceramics Industry Exhibition" (IndonesiaCeramicsTech-nologyFair2011), the equipment and technology for China's growth rate that shock I hope more Chinese ceramic machines and equipment and chemical companies to maintain communication.

As the world's fourth most populous country, Indonesia's population determines its spending power and a huge market space, with China ceramic machine equipment and the field of chemical raw materials, the rapid increase and development of Chinese ceramic supporting industry to open up overseas markets already have the basic conditions, in addition, areas with ceramic tile exports should bear the high rate compared to the export of chemical machinery seems much easier, and therefore, the collective will to enter the overseas market, a ceramic supporting enterprise development.
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