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Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Tangshan nationally renowned porcelain ceramic mug, many people have become accustomed to purchasing on the annual Tao Bohui tableware. However, some people buy food with porcelain tableware attention only when the appearance, but I do not know these nice cup plate bowl with high human contact, inadvertently purchase will directly affect our health. So, first understand some of the restaurants with the purchase of porcelain techniques are very important to help you buy roses "healthy" dishes.

Buy porcelain, the most simple method of identifying the best is pick up the porcelain tap, listen to the sound is crisp, loud, sweet. If so, which means that a high-quality porcelain clay made, good quality; if knocking sound when heavy porcelain, even raucous, is to use low-quality porcelain clay made, its quality is very poor, and even have cracks. Another method is to put a strong light porcelain or observed under the sun, you can even see the texture is fine and the presence of cracks.

Glazed porcelain painting, divided into "glaze color" and "underglaze" two. The so-called "glaze color", is already firing temperature on the surface of porcelain, painted color patterns, and then by low-temperature kiln firing, the color and the glaze melted together. The so-called "underglaze color" porcelain, the porcelain bodies is a good color picture on the first draw, and then glazed before being placed in high-temperature kiln firing. After the first draw because it is burned, painted in the glaze color below the glaze layer of protection by, so even if often polished, the painting will not fade. Thus, the "underglaze" than "color glaze," a higher grade. Underglaze color ceramic surface looks very smooth, shiny glass, touch no concavity, smooth as glass. As the pigment in ceramic glaze color glaze surface touch concavity obvious naked eye products, uneven surface.

Try to buy cutlery or tea to buy porcelain glaze color. If the porcelain glaze color, please do not choose too fancy. Because there are many harmful pigments painted metal lead, cadmium, long-term use of glaze color tableware, cutlery will be stripping the harmful metal pigments, and as the food enters the body, easily lead to chronic poisoning. Therefore, to remind you to buy tableware, tea sets, try not to choose wall decorated with color, you can choose no color or white high-grade lead-glazed tableware high-end cutlery. If economic conditions permit, you can also buy new antibacterial function of tableware, tea sets.

Buy home dining with porcelain, before use, to use vinegar soaked 2-3 hours, to the dissolution of toxic substances contained in tableware. Of particular note is to try to avoid full bloom with colorful ceramic tableware acidic foods.
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