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This is the European Union to be friends with them?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
December 16, originating in China ceramic mug suppliers, the European Union to make tile final anti-dumping, the execution time from at 0:00 on September 15, 2011 until September 14, 2016, when only 24, punitive tariffs of 69.7%.

Ceramic industry in China is not large, but the EU approach and the final ruling issued time is shocking.

September 14, Premier Wen Jiabao just the opening ceremony of Summer Davos expressed willingness to help weather the crisis in Europe, but also want to look European to boldly China-EU relations, including China's economy is officially declared a free market economy. system.

Result, the EU is really bold, a day after it announced punitive tariffs on Chinese ceramic tile, and up to 69.7%. In accordance with WTO rules, the latest in 2016 will recognize China's full market economy status, while the EU is just the implementation of punitive tariffs by 2016. Premier Wen said that a few years ago admit, is a manifestation of sincerity, is the way to be friends. Is the EU is so urgently needed to treat to their Eastern friends?

Should the attempt to save on Europe, there is always controversial. With China's position in the world economy is improving, many European countries want China to lend a helping hand, the use of the hands of large foreign exchange reserves to buy its bonds, to help them weather the storm. On the other hand, they are reluctant to recognize China's market economy status, approved in the export product cost economies, often refer to other data to determine the so-called "normal value." In fact, the international division of labor in the industrial chain, "Made in China" are mostly the end of the chain, brand, R & D, design, logistics, marketing high value-added end rests in the hands of the West. Other words simple words, the bulk of Europe and America have been earned away, China is only earned a point hardly worth the effort, relying on trickle way to earn some of the exports. But even so, they are still not satisfied.

Greedy Tunxiang, the European Union undoubtedly deeply hurt the feelings of the Chinese, and this shooting itself in the foot will only harm to others.

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