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Teapot Art: get rid of the light face to face, the rule of capital over the copper pour

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Teapot molding method,china ceramic mugs a hand, slip, spin and other types of blank and printed blank. Which is the traditional hand-forming method of making. And production skills are off the hub and the blank space forming surface finishing. The so-called finishing, means with bamboo, that the needles, knives and other materials produced using these special tools that have been connected to the neck, feet, mouth, handle spout, body, cover the surface, the fine level, including , dressing, which is embellished to become the hub of one of the crafts. Its role is: cooked purple clay particle sizes, showed uneven surface forming the green body, in the finishing process, the green body with the leveling tool and squeeze down the uplift of the particles, the billet surface smooth smooth. Then the green body to form a layer of more detailed appearance of the epidermis, while the inner surface of the mud while playing the beat by beat films also, but often take a process, particles are relatively loose mud, firing into the skins surface after the product like, while showing some loose internal porosity.

Teapot style unique and diverse. Is not it become a general glazed pottery, and historical reasons, it is not the surface glazing. For purple to "get rid of the light face to face, the rule of the capital than the condensate copper" process effect, it is necessary to deal with the green body was structured shapes, contour lines, clear, clear bars flesh texture, texture to achieve rich, muddy as a whole production requirements, are required to be obtained by molding finishing. Meanwhile, the viscosity of the green body finishing is an important means of progress. For example, a large circle of pot, spout lid 24 have symmetrical muscle flesh. Because the processing of fine, any exchange lid after firing position, can dovetail with the spout. Teapot high technological level, quasi-flap seam tight, open areas between the two free (or displacement tolerance) are generally less than 0.5mm, the ceramic pot any other class can not be compared, porcelain teapot displacement Tolerance in the 1 ~ 3mm or greater. As the teapot high precision, reduced aflatoxin and other fungal mixed with the air flow Tsubouchi channels, tea pot is not easy to become one of the reasons sour deterioration.

Kiln firing Teapot, experienced dragon kiln, tunnel kiln down draft kiln to evolution. Use one of the longest dragon kiln (kiln Yixing purple claw Mountain is an early one meter wide and more than ten-meter long dragon kiln) until 1957 was only down-draft kilns instead. In 1973, the tunnel kiln replaced the down-draft kilns. Kilns used in the fuel is grass, Songchai. Down draft kiln fuel is bituminous coal. Tunnel kiln places heavy oil as fuel.

Teapot from the mid-Ming Dynasty, began with the sagger (commonly known as drop-tanks) firing, which causes the teapot tea ways to change since the Ming Dynasty, a historic turning point associated with the potter, the product surface to prevent fire thorn, glory do not call other defects. Progress of the products while loading kiln density, effective use of kiln-bit space.

Purple clay high in iron oxide content match, according to silica, aluminum oxide, ferric oxide, iron oxide ternary phase theory, if the products in the oxidation atmosphere firing, the phase does not produce the following at 1400  liquid phase diagram, eutectic mixture does not form, because there are purple mud chromium oxide, magnesium oxide, potassium oxide, sodium and other ingredients, so the actual sintering temperature as low as 1150 ~ 1180 , at this temperature, mud mineral phase in the diffusion rate is not, hematite does not exist as a phase, the products into the red (low temperature), purple (high temperature). Such as to restore the atmosphere of firing, only should be silica, aluminum oxide, iron oxide phase diagram, in about 1100  to form a low melting eutectic liquid generated. Large reduction of iron oxide iron oxide sludge from the purple color change Zihei, sintered products, the surface reduction process in advance of carbon deposition and decomposition of the gas can not escape the occurrence of bubbling, coke, resulting in waste, the value of its art is impossible
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