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Face EU anti-dumping ceramics worse

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
For the EU ceramic mugs custom industry is concerned, this can be described as troubled, on the one hand, the domestic market suffered a rare ceramics winter itself, the other hand, many times in foreign markets ups and downs, hit rock bottom. 15 The European Commission decided to issue a communiqu tiles imported from China's official five-year levy anti-dumping duties, so that China's ceramics worse.

It is reported that in March this year the EU decided to impose on Chinese tile six-month provisional anti-dumping tax, after further investigation, is still found on the EU market to Chinese companies dumping measures. Decided to impose on Chinese ceramic tile manufacturer from 26.3 to 69.7 percent of the official anti-dumping duties, and the anti-dumping duties due in 2016, could also be, as the case goes on.

In 2011, China's ceramic industry in deep difficulties. Raw materials, fuel prices, labor wage costs increase, making the already accustomed to extensive, high consumption and high pollution of ceramics to withstand a great deal of cost pressure, however, the house seemingly endless rain, the state in order to adjust the real estate market taken to the purchase of such policies, making the sharp drop in real estate turnover, ceramics market demand also will be compressed, the combined effect of multiple factors, so ceramics industry will inevitably encounter a rare winter.

The anti-dumping at this time, no doubt to the ceramics of the winter has enveloped a shadow. In fact, the international companies for dumping of electromechanical events have been commonplace, according to Xiao Bian understand mechanical and electrical line, in addition to the European Union, Brazil has also announced to take the tiles for the import tariffs on Chinese imports from 15% to 35%. As in recent years, the global economic downturn, the new international trade protectionism, China's mechanical and electrical companies often encounter such anti-dumping incident.

How China's ceramics business in the domestic and international anti-dumping winter under the dual pressure against the face of adversity, break yourself? In this regard, given electromechanical electromechanical online Xiaobian proposal.

First, the ceramic enterprises learn lessons in the winter, especially as the winter has exposed the high consumption and high pollution problems restraining the development of ceramics, which, ceramics to learn to change the mode of production, low-carbon route to go through technological innovation and management innovation to reduce production costs and labor costs.

Secondly, in response to anti-dumping on the one hand, companies from themselves, to avoid vicious price competition in, or through some special way, to avoid doing their own countries dumping determination. On the other hand, enterprises should take the initiative in the event of anti-dumping, anti-dumping investigation to understand the country's relevant legislation, and actively responding. If not successful, but also actively looking for alternative country.

It is reported that in the response to the EU anti-dumping duties, the Foshan ceramics Jane, Run into the new ceramic respectively 26.3% and 29.3% of the single tax rate, while responding to more than 30 enterprises in Foshan Amoy was 30.6 % tax rate, a large number of small and medium Foshan ceramic enterprises will be imposed for not responding to the high rate of 69.7%. Visible, and actively responding to help enterprises reduce the loss of response to anti-dumping.

In addition, both the domestic market, winter, or the plight of the international market, ceramic companies need a certain degree of mutual cooperation, such as when people want to learn hair-dumping complaint, the ceramics industry organizations or associations should be warning to all exporters , work together and work together to respond to the survey preparation. In the case of industry in the doldrums, enterprises should help each other win-win cooperation and common breaking storm
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