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Porcelain - but also art white blank ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Mart recently held the first Shanghai International Ceramic Art of Living Fair white blank ceramic mug, a group exhibition with art, the modern household ceramics, was welcomed by the audience. Ceramic Art Fair director Jiang Biao life, said a long time, porcelain and artistic porcelain is the "water" and "oil" separation of art of porcelain placed in galleries, fairs, even into the home is decorated; with people's lives on porcelain, for decades a kind. Needs of the United States, the Fair is to promote the use of ancient ceramics have the same function, the beauty in that, this is the potter can not shirk responsibility.

In fact, the art of porcelain and porcelain entirely different signs are everywhere, in the Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, the major shopping malls, art porcelain mix. The porcelain is still in use the shape of the Ming Dynasty Masanori years, the millennium change. Biao Jiang said China has Chaozhou, Guangdong, Foshan, Zibo, Shandong, Hebei and Jiangxi Jingdezhen five Tangshan pottery production area, in addition to the construction of Foshan porcelain sanitary products and industrial ceramic products in Tangshan, the other three are the main daily household utensils, exports accounted for 70% of the world, only 6 percent of profits, the production of cups, plates, bowls, etc., and there are artists, the design is more fashionable than the price difference between the number of times, a hundred times, with foreign brands daily very poor compared to porcelain.

At the fair, those who design creative, innovative modern-type containers are mostly from the ceramics industry cutting-edge, rare arts and crafts masters presence. The reason, Jiang Biao that a long time, carrying a heavy ceramic industry of cultural baggage, by the historical accumulation of ideas up their pottery craftsmanship limited space, followed the laws of the pottery and decorative patterns, constantly engaged in repeated labor. If the theory of existence, they are comfortable and stable, but in the contemporary art of the "seats" in, but it should not become absentee. The group of young potters out of the confines of traditional pottery. However, their creative passion merely porcelain style achievements in the arts, or at most a number of gifts designed porcelain or ceramic party, never converted to the mass of people daily use on porcelain. The reason, the key values, art porcelain prices are abnormally high, a famous hand-painted glass need a thousand dollars, the price of a vase can be as high as several million or even ten million. Even using the artist's paintings and limited edition products produced, but also a few hundred dollars. Porcelain design costs can be very modest, leading to the designer, the artist has no intention to participate. Jiang Biao said, to life art of porcelain, porcelain to be artistic, and allow people to use these containers, but also can feel the "beauty", which is the ceramic industry problems to be solved.
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