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Enamel, ceramics careful solid color custom ceramic coffee mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Enamel, solid color custom ceramic coffee mug wall should not spray, keeping the white can effectively reduce the concentration of harmful substances. In addition, a variety of enamel products are not suitable for long dress acidic foods and beverages

In daily life, three meals a day to eat and drink almost can not live without enamel or ceramic tableware, those who shape and unique, colorful containers, both practical and beautiful, especially pleasing. Over the years, such as a health product has been durable household goods, but few people actually know these dishes lurking in harm to human health risks.

They can make a simple experiment, a number of optional color coated (spray, painting) and color of the enamel ware, according to the vessel area of 2 ml / per square centimeter, respectively, with 4% acetic acid solution and the solution soak and boil for 30 minutes , at room temperature for 24 hours after the observation can be found in 4% acetic acid solution, where soaked enamel ware, original polished surface has lost its luster, the original bright colors become dull, and even some of the surface of the enamel ware and trachoma rust. These phenomena that seemingly solid enamel ware by acid corrosion.

Relevant departments had carried out chemical analysis of enamel soaking in aqueous acidic solution and harmful substances are detected, including soaking in acid leaching of harmful substances were: 100% of lead, cadmium 95%, 15% arsenic, antimony, fluorine has a similar dissolution rate; sampling plate 500 to spend a similar experiment by the method of experiment, the results of acid leaching of lead in solution is 0.65 mg to 20.20 mg, which leaves purple yellow disk (labeled with 5020 processing No. flower paper) detected the highest lead content; sampling dishes in 34 colors, lead leaching is 0.5 mg to 105 mg per liter, of which 61.77% of the sample amount of lead leaching in 7.0 milligrams per liter or more; in white dishes in Lead is not detected.

Colored porcelain made for the release of dozens of cadmium assay, samples of porcelain were found ranging from the amount of cadmium released, some of which samples the leaching of cadmium is higher than 2.5 mg per liter. Individual does not fade the color plates, cadmium leaching up to 100 mg per liter.

These experimental data confirmed that the acidic solution can porcelain enamel glaze of cadmium, lead and hazardous substances dissolved in it a lot. Use glazed porcelain, enamel ware costumes food, glazed inside of harmful substances into the diet will then enter the body, accumulate in the kidney, liver, brain, bone and other tissues, causing chronic poisoning hazard to health.

Tableware, containers of toxic leaching caused by food poisoning has long been, because the containers used leaded enamel, porcelain, pottery dressed syrup, wine, grape juice concentrate and other food poisoning caused the deaths of well documented. In the nineteenth century, France had occurred in the use of lead white as enamel enamel containers with fruit juice than wine caused lead poisoning. To this end, the French law promulgated in 1887, shall not be able to use the 4% acetic acid boiling for 30 minutes and the dissolution of lead in enamel products not manufactured in this enamel utensils, cooking utensils, etc., which is the world's first require the use of enamel, ceramic device health standards of the Act.

1970, Montreal, Canada, a 2-year-old children drink straight 29 days stored in clay pots in the apple juice, lead poisoning death. After the incident, the relevant departments of the Canadian market, 117 pottery, it was discovered containing apple juice pottery store a month later, apple juice actually lead to the dissolution of 8000 mg / liter.

Why enamel, ceramic containers will contain lead, cadmium and other toxins it? Rooted in raw materials.

Enamel is the metal as raw material, inner and outer enamel glaze, fired at high temperature. Ceramics is based on the clay as raw material with feldspar, quartz, and coated with glaze and then fired at high temperature. The glaze, cream glaze is mainly composed of lead oxide, red, yellow glaze by cadmium compounds (cadmium red, cadmium yellow) and lead compounds, so no milk products in the yellow Fountain, lead and cadmium leaching is high. Some antimony-containing products in enamel fluoride and antimony compounds in the higher levels, so fluoride, antimony leaching is also high.

China's current production capacity of less acid-resistant enamel and other products, plus a variety of enamel formulations containing hazardous substances, if these products long dress with acidic foods, beverages, they will contaminate the food. Thus, in order to ensure public health, should be improved as soon as possible enamel and enamel production process, adjust the formula to improve the quality of enamel to increase the acid resistance and stability of products, and as soon as possible the development of relevant health standards. Some countries have provisions to allow leaching of lead was 7 mg / l, cadmium must be less than 0.5 mg / liter.

In fact, enamel, ceramics (such as cutlery, cookware, containers, etc.) should not be wall fountains, to maintain white can effectively reduce the concentration of harmful substances. In addition, a variety of enamel products are not suitable for long dress acidic foods and beverages. The public should understand the principle: use enamel health is more important than the good-looking!
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