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EU sword dance band ceramic enterprise arm to survive

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EU trade protection ceramic mug, "sword" Start "frequency Dance"
August 1, the European Commission to submit the relevant notification to the Chinese side said China will continue to levy 48.5% of bicycle punitive tariffs.But this time from the "History of the severe and harsh" in the implementation of the new directive on toy safety, but more than 10 days.
It is reported that since mid-September, the EU will have ceramic tiles imported from China imposed a five-year punitive tariffs, the highest rate of 69.7%; In addition, the European Commission is also imported from China's glass fiber products, anti-dumping investigation.
Commerce Department official says, "Once the survey results to establish the European Union the end of March 2012 imposed provisional tariffs on these products, and may be levied before the end of September the official five-year tariff."
One after another. Frequently resorted to the European Union trade barriers, some of the high energy consumption, high pollution in China pushed the arm to survive a corporate crossroads.
Export enterprises face barriers
"The EU tariff increases, our business is certainly an impact. Many European customer product prices in response to tariff escalation." Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Foshan, a building to the people concerned, "Chinese enterprises", told reporters, "At present the European Customs to our tax rate is 32.3%, follow-up may also increase in number of other tiles exporters tax rate may be even higher point, the impact will be greater. "
Made in China, "BHC" brand bell will face all forced to withdraw from Poland and the tragic fate of the EU market.
"The bell of the ball shape of the sand, the European Commission, as the rattle of the sound level up to 87.9 db, there is the risk of hearing damage caused by children; the same time, the bell can easily split, its just small parts scatteredplugged with small parts test cylinder, once swallowed, there is the danger of suffocation caused by the so determined that the product does not comply with the toys directive and the European Union standards EN71. "China Trade Remedy Information Network analyst, told reporters.
According to the reporter, at present, the Polish authorities have ordered a product from the market to take measures. "It also indicates, this bell will also be forced to withdraw from all the EU member states market." The analyst said. This is undoubtedly such a bell for the production of domestic exporters is worse.
After a lapse of several days, the European Commission rapid alert system for non-food made in China, "DHG" brand doll issued a consumer alert, the notification of the doll wearing a suit pack has two different **** dolls, outside Packaging posted with "CE" logo, style / model code of 2002.
The notification country, Spain, because the toys phthalate 2 - ethylhexyl ester exceeded EU limits, there is cause allergic or toxic chemical risk. The toy does not comply with the relevant provisions of the EU REACH directive. Spain has banned the import of the Customs toys.
Prior to this, the EU announced on coated paper imports from China, while anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties, which not only created a precedent for EU anti-subsidy, but also the first time the EU on China trade in the same product to use a double relief.
According to the press release reported that the EU, the EU imposed on Chinese coated paper of the countervailing duty rate between 4% and 12%, and anti-dumping tax rate of 8% to 35.1%, two-phase superposition, the total tax rate levied by Chinese enterprises in 20% to 39%. APP (China), Sun Paper (9.25, -0.16, -1.70%), and Chenming Paper (6.09, -0.11, -1.77%) and other companies into a "dual" turmoil.
"Our company has had a business partnership with Germany in preparation for the end of July this year, on-line, but the 'dual' measures have led to the project was canceled." Sun Paper Co., Ltd. Export Director Sun Dawei told reporters.
Sun Dawei said, "In addition to Germany, our company and other EU business cooperation between member states are starting to be a different extent, to our export trade to the EU caused some damage."
Sun Dawei, according to data provided in 2010, Sun Paper's coated paper exports throughout the year about 10 million tons, while exports to the EU's total exports of coated paper 1 / 10. "EU anti-tax levy double little impact on our company."
On the other hand, the involved Chinese coated paper exports to the EU each year about 200,000 tons in the EU market share of less than 5%, and can not cause damage to EU industry.
Chinese enterprises have to turn adversity into opportunity
"The EU anti-dumping tile in our fully expected, in fact, we have well prepared." China Building (3.41, -0.04, -1.16%) Sanitary Ceramics Association, said Miao Bin.
Miao Bin, the European recession, rising unemployment, lower purchasing power of consumers turn to buy the relatively cheap Chinese tile products, "many factors that ultimately led to the Chinese tile sales in Europe rise, not fall, the European ceramic tile industry worse in this case, the European tile manufacturers association to defend their own markets, China is bound to bring anti-dumping. "
Miao Bin said that the EU anti-dumping tile ceramic industry will not give China a great impact, because China's ceramic tile exports to Europe account for only about 8% of total output, exports in the total proportion of tile is not to 10%.
The EU's "unprecedented prosperity" exports to China of new sanctions measures, for some of China's "high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency, low-profit" enterprises, but also a change and upgrade opportunities.
"The EU through high tariffs on Chinese goods the way to fight cheap Chinese exports initiatives, exporting cheap goods to China a test of quality." Foreign Economic and Trade University, Professor Ren Guohua International Economic and Trade said.
"According to our exit plan in the future we will increase the intensity of the Japanese market launch of coated paper." Sun Dawei said.
Earlier, South Korea, India, China and other countries also have anti-dumping cases filed tile, ceramic tile, but since China's exports of these countries do not fall.
"The reason for this is because the anti-dumping, some rely on cheap and disorderly competition vying for market share companies were eliminated, more healthy and orderly market environment for those regulated businesses and good product development provides a good environment in the long run, but also conducive to the development of the industry's long-term, in line with long-term national interests. "said Miao Bin.
Nevertheless, Ren Guohua view, although the development of China-EU trade will not be easy, but with China and the EU as the world has a wide influence on the economy, to strengthen trade cooperation, resolve differences and friction between the two sides have great benefits China-EU trade prospects to look forward to.
Institute of Europe experts, the Ministry of Commerce, said Yao-Ling, in recent years, while the EU trade sanctions against China introduced measures gradually increasing trend, but not the cause of the serious deterioration of China's trade environment.
"We now have a gradual increase in response to the preparation of trade protection, but the overall view, the EU's trade is still optimistic about the situation presents." Yao Ling said.
Nevertheless, in order to replace the number of quality of Chinese export enterprises are still facing serious challenges. "China is not the blind pursuit of exports and more brands, technology, premium export status must be changed. Entrepreneurial ideas to adjust if the export enterprises in China brand, technology, services, and try to do more on domestic and construction, perhaps because of trade barriers caused by the decline in exports, part of the business failures and other 'crisis' can become a business to upgrade their 'turn'. "Yao Ling said.
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