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Zibo ceramic industry leading research to develop new targets identified

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Zibo Municipal Committee,printed ceramic mug vice mayor Wang Qi and top government office, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, City Commission by letter, Municipal Bureau of Statistics and other department heads to the first half of the city's ceramics industry, trade association research economic performance. WANG Ding Qi said, "Zibo ceramic kiln contemporary country" brand of singing, a powerful impetus to the development of ceramic industry, we must continue to work hard, study to determine the ceramic industry, the development of new goal: to further expand Ceramics; to do fine art of ceramics; stronger high-tech ceramics.
City Ceramic Industry Association, Heinke made a key new report. He said: City Ceramic Industry Association conscientiously implement the municipal government "transfer mode, adjust the structure, content development," the overall development of ideas and proposed to create "contemporary country Zibo ceramic kiln," instructed the regional brand, according to the firm * brand driven transfer mode, adjust the structure, according * to promote the brand transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, through unremitting efforts, more and reinforce brand strategy, new look for the spirit of the entire industry and ushered in the years in the history of Zibo ceramic new development opportunities. First half of the whole industry 9.02 billion yuan industrial output value, an increase of 21.1%. The sales income of 8.502 billion yuan, an increase of 20.5%. Profits and taxes 1.01 billion yuan, an increase of 23%, of which: profit of 600 million yuan, an increase of 21.5%.

High growth economic indicators during the first half of the main factors, first, bullish demand for domestic and foreign markets, production scale. Optimistic about the situation this year, tourism, hotels and restaurants use ceramic, porcelain gift sets, porcelain art furnishings, porcelain and other products export demand rise, purchasing power increased, high-grade varieties sold briskly. Production increase over last year, more than 10%. Second, enterprises' brand hit the market, and promote brand management, brand and efficiency "of the marketing strategy of a significant effect. Gradually formed a "silicon Court", "Hua Guang", "Huayang", "Tarzan," "Guohua", "Golden Horse", "Forte" and other brand-name products primarily marketing network, especially the "Zibo Ceramics Contemporary country kiln "regional brand to be recognized by the community in the domestic market had a significant impact, reputation and gradually increase, effectively led Zibo ceramic industry market bullish. Third, the product sales price increased write-down of corporate materials, fuel, labor and other incremental factors, raise the level of efficiency. Export porcelain products industry in the first half last year, single-piece price based on the average increase of 20% has increased 10%. Fourth, enterprises to pay attention to upgrade the basic work. Focus on staff training to improve technical quality, and actively raise funds to improve the traditional process, absorbing advanced technology, energy-saving technological transformation of measures to increase the furnace, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, a general improvement in labor efficiency and product quality. Fifth, to strengthen the solid effective energy saving measures. Measures to improve energy-saving technology business base, a relatively significant energy savings, waste water, waste ceramic, waste sludge, waste gypsum, waste re-use all sagger, gradually reduce production costs, profit growth continues to expand. Sixth, the enterprise product quality standards-based site management system to further improve standards. Product quality level is much higher than last year, a high-grade ceramic products for more than 80 percent of goods, of which, export ceramics, porcelain Yonghua pass rate of 94.3%, a rate of 96% product.

WANG Ding Qi pointed out that the tightening macro environment, exacerbated by various factors restricting the circumstances, to further change the thinking, new ideas, practical way to adjust the structure in turn make efforts to seek a breakthrough. Should be based on industry characteristics, the degree of concentration in the industry to make a fuss, to further strengthen and expand the leading backbone enterprises, to accelerate the pace of mergers and reorganization of assets, and promote corporate alliances, to effectively change the industrial layout scattered, chaotic, and less competitive small and the overall problem. To carefully sort out, good science and planning the development of the industrial chain, industrial chain by grasping the delay before the extension, increase the added value of industrial products and interest rates. WANG Ding Qi stressed the need to effectively talent as the development of the first resources to technological innovation as to the way structural adjustment of the central part of the management of innovation as to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises an important part of the workforce development as a long-term development of an important foundation , to focus more on changing the mode of development. To speed up the use of e-commerce and other modern means to expand market share. Should pay more attention to cultural creativity and economic development of close integration to enhance economic development and cultural force, the development of force. Various industry associations to fully perform their functions, and actively seeking work starting point and the point of integration, a bold attempt to explore the development of market conditions, new ways of service industries, the new model.

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