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American coffee culture: the taboos American Wind

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Americans custom drink coffee, do not like the rules of a game, with the nature of laissez-faire, let yourself go. European coffee brewing all kinds of stress, Americans are dismissive. Freedom of Americans drink coffee, coffee culture, also understand their lives is difficult to separate the effects of deep even to the point of life without coffee is not. It is said that the first humans on the moon containing the 13th of Apollo spacecraft, homing on the way in life and death have occurred in the fault, the ground staff at the three astronauts of the word comfort is this: Come on! Delicious hot coffee is waiting for your return. Whether at home, office, public or street vending machines, the Americans almost twenty-four hours without coffee. So drink a third of world coffee production, is the largest country in the world coffee consumption.

In general, the tension in American life more busy, unlike Europe, the Middle East area as people can feel relaxed and enjoy life. They often is a large pot of electric filter coffee (Drip Coffee Marker), from morning to night, plus as much water, less coffee (10 grams of coffee cup volume with over 200 CC of water), taste particularly weak, and therefore more difficult it has been criticized American coffee drinking. In fact, throughout the United States, coffee hobby as long as a little extra effort, you can still enjoy their favorite coffee taste. If the simple shades of American coffee into two categories, the U.S. East Coast than the West Coast to drink thick, concentrated north off than the South. To the nation, the Southern European and Latino than English, German, Scandinavian immigrants than the hobby strong coffee.

In addition, although the United States is the largest export country of instant coffee, instant coffee drink but the U.S. itself, not many people. In recent years, they are the result of increasing emphasis on a healthy diet on the market without caffeine (Coffeeineless Coffee) the market is rising, while drinking coffee without sugar atmosphere has become increasingly common.
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