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Attacks on anti-dumping Argentina South American ceramics market to secure

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Foshan printed ceramic mugs custom enterprises face a series of EU, South Korea, after the high anti-dumping tax rates, Argentina has initiated anti-dumping investigation on China tile, Brazil in the near future may increase tariffs on Chinese tiles. Yesterday, Foshan ceramic enterprises to convene hundred ceramic tile Argentine anti-dumping Training and coordination will be responding to anti-dumping cases. Legal profession, said from Pakistan, Thailand, the European Union have seen anti-dumping, anti-dumping has a chain reaction, such as ceramic enterprises do not respond, "If you lose Argentina, Brazil, will lose. In Argentina must actively fight this war."

Up to six times more than the dumping margin

According to reports, China's foreign trade in recent years, competitive ceramic, ceramic enterprises tend to focus on exports of a country, resulting in the local market share has risen sharply, as in Argentina, China ceramic products accounted for nearly half of market share, so he hit the local industry association or Enterprise anti-dumping complaints.

Ministry of Commerce of Import and Export Fair Trade Bureau Director Li Zeng Li, that the complaining party is Argentina's Manufacturers Association of the country, one and three production companies. Argentina, China tile anti-dumping was formally opened on July 27, the survey period (dumping part) to July last year - in June this year, of the product is not on the glazed tiles and plates, the complaining party to Brazil as a reference country, proposed dumping rate will reach 631.63% of the giant.

It is understood that since last year, the Argentine anti-dumping cases, 17 cases, nine of which contained the final anti-dumping. "South American countries, the attitude of the anti-dumping cases, may also now 'turn' machine." CCCMC China relevant person in charge.

Li by Li believes that the Argentine anti-dumping, and more for the November election to win votes. But if the Argentine anti-dumping, may have a ripple effect, leading to Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay dogged four South American countries.

Shanghai Hao Law Firm partner, lawyer Zhang Zhenying emphasized that from Pakistan, Thailand, the European Union have seen anti-dumping, anti-dumping a chain reaction, "even to avoid them started let off fifth, than insist on responding, turn the crisis into opportunity. If the loss of Argentina, is about to lose Brazil in Argentina this a must-have active play. "

According to the reporter, because Latin American countries is more complex laws and regulations, would increase the difficulty of responding. From the situation analysis, a more particular in three areas of Argentina, a power of attorney is for the dual certification, while also responding to the material of the sign translation.

According to professional lawyers said dual certification is a local certified foreign certification authorities, and the signing of translation is required to sign their translation agency designated by the State, not free to choose, to be designated by the State, "which set the threshold relatively high, time will be longer. "

Ceramic enterprises suffered a 6 stick 5 years

In recent years, increasing international trade frictions, Thailand, the EU has implemented anti-dumping Foshan ceramic enterprises. According to reports, the Foshan ceramics are exported to more than 200 countries and regions since 2006, has suffered from anti-dumping case 6 (including the recent Argentina), involving $ 320 million, involving more than 320 companies. Final results, the highest anti-dumping tax rate of more than 70%.

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