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Ceramic multi-country exports a lot of difficulties frequent anti-dumping action

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
This week, the Foshan ceramic mug wholesale industry have received a number of related information, Argentina, Brazil, China ceramic exports to China initiated anti-dumping, in which Argentina has been communicated to our country, the domestic industry of Argentina apply in writing, required to start originating in China The tiles are not glazed ceramic tiles and finishes anti-dumping investigation in Brazil, though not specifically anti-dumping investigation, but the tiles, ceramic stone, antique brick tired of imported products has increased the threshold.

Brazilian exports to raise the threshold of their ceramic products

"Early this morning I received the news that China will have ten days Nei Baxi anti-dumping, the Commerce Department next week could come with us about the progress of the case, because the Argentine government has told the Chinese Ministry of Commerce anti-dumping things." 26 , the reporter and the source responsible for the new head of the department of anti-dumping a meeting, she revealed to reporters the latest information received. Content from Dow City Network

According to its introduction a few years ago, Brazil had the intention of Chinese ceramic products for anti-dumping, but so far not been implemented, although the news will China initiated anti-dumping, but ultimately did not put the exact message now. "Brazil does not necessarily anti-dumping made up, but they are taking some measures, the Brazilian ceramic industry association launched a pin Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industrial Development proposals for greater 6907 product import tariffs." New source of ceramic official person said that the current products imported into Brazil requires an import license, and as long as before the import qualified enterprises can be directly imported products, without this document, "which in effect raise the threshold of imported products."

"6907" is exported to the Brazilian market a product category number, including tiles, ceramic stone, antique brick and other product categories, the reason for the types of products to raise entry barriers, the main purpose is to protect domestic enterprises.

Reporters in the source of new business by providing the relevant documents to see, "from July 25 onwards Brazilian Customs Tariff No. 6907.90.00 for products that perform under the new regulations, based on statistical data needs, such products are no longer Automatic import license to obtain rights in the international shipment of goods is required before the Bank of Brazil authorized the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Trade Management. "

Brazil is the world's second largest producer and consumer of ceramic tile, ceramic tile fifth largest export market. Brazil has also successfully launched the largest in Latin America, the world's fourth largest building materials exhibition --- EXPO REVE? Juan STIR (Brazilian Tile and Stone Show).

In 2010, China's ceramic products subject to EU anti-dumping, the Latin American market has become the export market of Chinese ceramics, "favorite." "As far as I know, there are a few Foshan export to the Latin American market accounted for more than half of total exports, of course, in which a high proportion of Brazil." New Pearl Ceramics Group General Manager International Division, said Wu Mingang, Brazil as one of the world's major ceramic production in China, after a large number of products into the country, will certainly be its own ceramics industry have a tremendous impact, "the retail price of the product produced in Brazil than in China more than three times higher prices."

Complicated legal procedures to increase the difficulty of Chinese enterprises responding

28, telephone interview with reporters to deal specifically with anti-dumping cases in Beijing law firm in London Bonaventure Don calm, she detailed to reporters about the Latin American countries on anti-dumping filing, procedures and other related issues. It is understood from the expression of anti-dumping to the filing, in the middle take 10 days time, "it will soon be filing a."

However, due to laws and regulations of the Latin American countries compared to other countries more complex, so this would increase the difficulty of responding. "Argentina is unique in three aspects, one is to be dual certified to the attorney, the other is the translation of the respondent to sign material, and the third is that we do not recognize such a neutral country." According to Don calmly introduced dual certification is a local foreign certification authority certificate, signed by translator will need to sign their translation agency designated by the State, not free to choose, to be designated by the State, "which set relatively high, the time will be longer." Third aspects in the questionnaire is not specific questionnaire, the respondent up without direction, "do not know from which side to the respondent." It is also for this reason, Latin American countries responding to the low success rate.

In addition to Don calmly talked about above factors, the ceramics industry is not united within the company is actively responding to a reason, reporters, Wu Mingang many times about this issue. "The government, the association should take action on behalf of the interests of the industry, and companies within the industry should unite and actively responding to."

In addition, according to Tang calm analysis, beginning this year, the Ministry of Commerce in Latin America is also very concerned about this event, so the final result is expected from the generally better than in the past. In March, Foshan Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Zhou went to visit Brazil, and such communication to deal with the current trade frictions will provide no small help.

"After the filing, the questionnaire within 45 days pay, 60 days after the arbitration, the arbitration time is the longest one year there are special circumstances can be extended six months, is one and a half." For Argentina will be on China's anti-dumping, Don calm inferred from the legal proceedings related to time.

EU punitive tariffs on China, the Chinese ceramic exports are also facing the Latin American market, perhaps the upcoming anti-dumping. I understand that in the earlier, South Korea, Thailand and other countries are of Chinese ceramics were carried out anti-dumping, the export of smoke in the environment, raise prices, increase product competitiveness of Chinese ceramics is to expand overseas markets.
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