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Restaurant tableware disinfection standards

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Operational processes ceramic mug manufacturers

1 Preparation Tool: two cell pool disinfection, disinfection of two buckets, 3-4 sterile towels (white), stainless steel floor length Fang Gesheng refillable containers, disposable gloves, Jianzhisu disinfection tablets.

2 Preparation:
hand disinfection
by detergent behind the two pools of water cleaning, disinfectant and cleaning standards, sub-pool water. Standard pool disinfection: three pieces with 30 l sterile filtered cold water; detergent behind the pool standard: 100 ml detergent behind the filter with 10 liters of cold water (heated water) and set aside.
ready to disinfect buckets, filter into 10 liters of cold water (water with electrical tape to do the scale line), into two pieces Jianzhisu disinfection, disinfection of the white towel into the bucket in the disinfection, spare.
long stainless steel with a sterile towel to wipe containers loaded Fang Gesheng spare.

3 flow:
hand disinfection.
water will be cleaned with detergent behind the dishes into the pool disinfectant, disinfectant for 15 minutes into the first layer of perforated rectangular container, filtered water-soaked.
remove a bucket from the disinfection disinfection towel, wring dry tile on the bottom of the second layer of stainless steel container reserve.
remove a bucket from the disinfection disinfection towel, wring dry wipe sterile utensils, put in stainless steel containers until finished with the mop.
Cawan tableware, the wear disposable gloves were up in the sideboard in the hall area.

4 cleaning work: a pool disinfection disinfectant used in the stainless steel container and dried.
Note: If the need to use hot water disinfection, disinfection of buckets to be connected with another no less than 80-100 degree of water, poured directly on sterile dishes can be.

5, such as use of disinfection disinfecting cabinet, remove from the disinfectant pool perforated stainless steel cutlery is placed directly on the container, put in disinfecting cabinet, disinfecting 45 minutes! No need to wipe.

6 disinfectant period: 4 hours.
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