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EU anti-dumping start another ripple tile Chargable coffee mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Rate or reduced to 69.7% Chargable coffee mug September revealed mystery

After the defense and no damage after the hearing, the EU imposed punitive Chinese tile import tariffs is expected to be fine-tuning. According to foreign reports, the EU could be approved next week, the rate of 69.7%, and the implementation of five years. It is understood, the tax rate than the preliminary ruling to determine more than just 3 points lower. "It was down, but for many Foshan enterprises, the next five years, the EU market will be hit." Foshan, China Ceramic Industrial Association, Office blue guard said.

It is reported that the EU will be finalized in September China tile punitive tariffs. "Even if next week's 69.7% tariff began in September, before the EU can still persuade the relevant chambers of commerce or associations, to obtain a lower rate."

More than 200 enterprises involved in the Buddha

"The current association has not yet received specific information, the result is much higher than we expected." Blue guards said.

In February, the European Union began to initiate anti-dumping investigations China tile, and in March, initially set up to charge 73% of Chinese tiles punitive temporary tariffs, some companies get the weighted average tax rate 32.3%. The case involved more than 1,400 domestic enterprises, of which more than 200 companies involved in Foshan.

Accordance with the relevant provisions of anti-dumping cases will go through the corporate respondent, no damage to the defense, to participate in hearings and other sectors. Blue guards introduced in the EU initiated anti-dumping investigation, the China Ceramic Industry Association, organized more than 100 companies responding positively to the EU defense presented no harm, "when in June, the Association also participated in the European Union at the hearing, for to obtain a lower tax rate, from the time of the hearing situation, we feel a significant reduction in the unlikely. "

Chen Yanbin, chairman of Foshan ceramics Ascot Goff told reporters, according to this rate, then the export of Foshan ceramic enterprises will be seriously affected, "70 percent tariff levied if the European market have to do a basic no."

The end result is little hope comeback

Reporters learned that if the 69.7% rate in the EU government representatives next week to get the approval of the temporary tax rate will continue until September 16, the EU will be held September 17, the final decision whether to impose a five-year anti-dumping duties and the official specific tax rates.

Blue Guard told reporters, "If next week to determine the rate of 69.7% in September 17 before, associations and businesses but also to the European Union and the local Chamber of Commerce, Association of lobbying, you can also get a lower rate, it is estimated that a substantial unlikely to decline. "course," even if ultimately determine the rate of 69.7%, one year after the formal implementation of the enterprise can still be the name of the new exporters to the EU for a single tax rate, but the sale of products must first exports to Europe, so that's a lot of success stories. "

Blue Guard said that the EU anti-dumping investigations aimed polished, which is the main export products of Foshan ceramics, "we all exports of such products, price competition is inevitable that from this perspective, Foshan ceramic enterprises is to strengthen the innovation, development The new, high value-added products, to avoid the homogenization of such products can be digested by way of price increases the impact of anti-dumping. "
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