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Hidden behind the colorful ceramic tableware

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Bowls custom Starbucks ceramic coffee mugs and plates are separated from each man-day day, every meal must be usedutensils. Today, when many people eat in order to increase the taste, prefer styleand diverse, colorful ceramic tools, but does not know that behind this beautifulhidden risks.
Correspondent and a friend to a supermarket to buy cutlery east area. Shopping areain the ceramic tableware, the reporter saw the shelves filled with an array ofcolorful ceramic bowls, dishes, plates, cups, bowls, etc., several female consumers are carefully chosen, in which colorful, rich patterns of tableware by consumerslove. Looked so beautiful tableware, the reporter can not help but go to theirshopping basket put a few favorite dishes, this time, a friend whispered to the side to remind reporters: "easy to toxic colored ceramic tableware, it is best not to use. "Wen's remarks, reporters rushed to the cutlery's return has been selectedthe same place. Subsequently, the reporter asked the salesman: "colors so bright,good-looking dishes will not contain any toxic substances?" Salesman said harshly:"how could toxic ah, I have bought used, if toxic, these sales are not coloredtableware will be so good. "

In the end whether the colored ceramic tableware poisonous? July 14, the reporter consulted a quality inspection departments, a staff member. She told reporters:"The current color tableware on the market if it contains excessive material,testing and quality inspection departments also need to determine, but in general, ceramic tableware colors more vivid, easier excessive heavy metal. In pursuit ofcolorful effects, manufacturers will add some heavy metals in the glaze additivesdue to excessive heavy metals, leading to leaching of lead and cadmium in ceramicdinnerware often exceeds national standards, so consumers should not use the color is too bright ceramic tableware.
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