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Peculiar state of the ceramic industry: non-promotion is to die, promotion is the court death

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
6 January,ceramic mug China Consumer Association announced the annual human rights activities in 2011 the theme of "consumption and livelihood." China Consumer Association Vice Chairman and General Yanghong Can explain the meaning of the topic, he noted that "consumption and people's livelihood" has three meanings: First, it emphasizes economic growth, consumer demand is to maintain the enduring power is an important way to improve people's livelihood; II is the emphasis on improving the livelihood of the people is the fundamental purpose of economic and social development, development of consumer policy is the starting point and end point; third is to emphasize consumer rights is an important means to expand consumer demand, is to protect and improve the livelihood of a powerful starting point. 
International Consumer Rights Day is 3.15, 3.15 before and after the period of time, promotion of home business each year war first battle, but also consumers, a major renovation in spring season. During this period, the major domestic manufacturers and dealers first to appear, would like to expand awareness, increase market encroach degrees. Overwhelming variety of promotional materials, looks like flowers, blossom, but in fact quite a mixed bag, reefs are volts. 
Promotion is not to die, promotion is the court death 
Ceramic industry should do a good job promotions, the biggest bright spot has two, the first look at the whole operation of the team faster offensive, implementation capacity is strong. The second is to integrate the level of resources Gaobu Gao, for example, a good co-operation of local media, a good web site, is not possession of resources, or whether the local department store has this resource. To integrate resources, coupled with efficient team to do, will do well, rather than simply selling what and what to send. How to make this event even more abundant, how to do some resource integration issues, this is promotion. 
"But now verify the status of the industry's word: no promotion is to die, promotion is seeking death." Ouyang Gang Ma Ti gold ceramic Vice President that the "reason why this abnormal market and consumer attitudes, is due to enterprises as a result of earning quick money, but also very serious to follow suit. This promotion disease difficult to treat. ideas, good long-term business plan is the way out. " 
Ceramic industry output value in 2010 for nearly seven billion square feet, on average - if by 5 dollars a square, that is, 35 billion of output value. Domestic brands such as Marco Polo did last year, 20 billion, 20 billion divided by 35 billion, which is a few percent. The market share so low, we are behind the decimal point earned, and there is no competition to oligopoly stage. Like to take fish in troubled waters when fishing in troubled waters, certainly can not find water fishing in troubled waters, that regardless of the size of ceramic enterprises have the opportunity. "So far, we can not say that the ceramic industry have a real brand." 
People's livelihood is a systems engineering 
China is a vast, there are regional differences. For example, now with the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong mountainous area, despite the narrow strip of water, but the economic level, price level, income level, the difference is still very large.Promotional prices are also the same reason, because every place is different ceramic goods in the country are not the same price. Take tiles, the terminal price is 10 4 hair, ex-factory price is more than four, the middle of the larger profit margins, but can not say that dealers make a lot, in fact, their cost is not small, but also distribution, for example, points to the landlord, employees, designers, pay will be more. 
There are two trends of the future is certain, first, rent, rent more expensive, and second, labor costs increase. As a ceramics dealer, you will find hand may be less than 15% of the profits, but to go above 20%. Particularly in relation to the relatively high-end brand positioning, or the need to combine the use of the designer, you need to do to guide the designer brand - the more dependent on the designer, it means something more to give. If this piece of real concern if people's livelihood, more importantly, get rid of the gray areas in the middle, reducing the cost of product distribution, real faiths. From this point of view, solve the livelihood problem is a matter of government and industry, systems engineering, not a slogan shouting consumer associations can be solved. 
Consumers also a transparent, pleasant space consumption 
In the 90's or around 2000, more consumption of that generation of parents house, to buy a house now is who? In China, this place is not normal, not normal so? Chinese people deeply rooted on the concept of home, just come out community to buy a house, but within two years. House into a face-saving, quality of life declined significantly, the problem difficult to change. Now is the consumption patterns tend to be younger. After so many manufacturers 80,90 are entangled. Why knot? Because the manufacturers may not like his lifestyle, but to respect the current mainstream consumers. Young people care about what might imagine, the things they care about is "different" in consumption and more daring. If the current Milan Fashion Week in the popular "sharp brother", not worn parent approval. However, as manufacturers, to understand, to respect the current way of life, philosophy of life, so the product to meet this demand. 
Now the market complex, brand type, product type countless. Such as ceramics, there are tiles, antique bricks, tiles, polished tiles also broken down below. The consumer's point of view, he may be as long as a just, but the merchants do a complicated this process, increasing the burden on consumers. In fact, one thing, merchants can sell a little higher, you can sell low-point, the consumer's point of view only reasonable position. Therefore, manufacturers Ye Hao, Ye Hao portal, and more need to uphold the public, fair, get rid of some extra things, but also consumers a transparent and pleasant environment for consumption.

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